What does a lap dance feel like

Ciara - Body Party | Choreography by Lucie Camelo

Ciara - Body Party | Choreography by Lucie Camelo3 Mar. 2020
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Ciara - Body Party

Choreography by Lucie Camelo


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Filmed and edited by Liam Almeida @liam__studio


Group 1:

Lucie Camelo @luciecamelo

with Paul Chapman @itspac_

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Filmed at: The Castle Centre, Elephant and Castle, London, UK

Magic Mike Style workshops monthly

Next date: 29th March 2020

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Comments (100)
Gomez Gomez


Jéssica Malta

Gente oq e isso kkkk do nada


i want a lap dance

Cassye BR

Enfim, achei.


1:07 homie needs to invest in some new sweats lmao

Ciel's Cosplay

The girl in the white shirt on the left at 4:50 rlly hits the vibes tbh.

juliana carvalho

legal , farei isso com meu professor pra ganhar nota

Nayanashree Tak

OK the boy in the middle the Asian...is giving me hell lot of butterflies ??

Avoca- don't

“All the time“ choreographie was damn hot for the beginning<3 but thats one level harder to dance one fucking level more sexy ?❤

Daniela Iorga

If the Asian boy sticks around i might sign up for her class too LMAOO??

Zeuxis Tavares Soares Filho

kd os brasileirooooooooooooos omi

Genesis Ramón Espinosa

What's the name of the red coat?

maellys chort

Quand on est célibataire ont fait comment ?

Rbf_Brat Lee

Love how dude I’m the blue sweats was lookin at his girl ?


the girl that's wearing a black shorts is sexy

agata isabel

Que lindo

Manuela Lopez

Yes I wanna be the one sitting on the chair pls lol sign me up !! Lol


What's the name of the dance place?

Yumi N


Dreice Rocha

whats name grup 2?

Mariana Contreras

Careful, four of you guys have the same boyfriend ???

Michele Dawn

the girl in the middle at 3:18 ATE THAT.

Kaliana Yoga

I just subscribed this is so fun!

Rona Santos

Adorei essa dança é muito sexy...amei.??


Okay but who threw the shoes in the first dance ?


My spik Spanish

Kenzie Coco

If she would’ve been a little slower wit it omg this would’ve been ?


quien se sabe ek instragran del del medio del sueter rojo
lo amooooooooo

Emily Hernandez

Lmao the guy on the right at 2:40 smiling so much at her ???

Lovely Paws 20

Love the girl in 3:19 Middle ? ???


Some of the best "High Speed" Movements that I have ever seen.

Rachel Bishop

I’m doing it for my husband his birthday is next the 29th of july

Estefhany Lopez

Soy la única q habla español?

Sol Nyelete

I loved




Que estilo de danza es esta? Y porque se ve tan genial!? ✨✨

Caitlin adam

How old do u have to be to do this I want to do this omg yesss ??✊

Jessica Cruz

the girl in the middle of the 3rd group is so fucking pretty and such a good dancer. also her and the guy follow each other on instagram and i ship them so hard.


i feel like i’m intruding on something

Diana Saloj

Nueva suscriptora .. ?


The dude in the middle is having the best time


Dam you why my girl can't move like that....wait i don't have a girl.....oh wait i don't even have a chair :(

Damien John


Orlando Henry

That is sexy and beautiful girl's

Deanna Eich



The woman with the braids and the copper coloured cargo-trousers is just stunning????


The red sweater middle guy is so hot that i couldnt stop watching him the whole time??

Suelen Ribeiro

Essa mulher é incrível meu deus.

ivan chapa

More like LOOSY

Quinton Gopaul

This should encourage me to do some exercise during quarantine but I'd rather just watch dance videos

che rvs

You should do a choreo to Maluma's new song Boy Toy ?


I think they dancing is done very well. The fact that they doing in front alot. We shouldn't break others down but only uplift

sabrina gomes

A cara do cara no 3:06 até 3:16 foram os melhores

Lucy Brighton

The beautiful Asian man in red with the light skinned black girl was my FAVOURITE. And the way he clapped for every one of the dancers was so heartwarming and adorable ????

Selena Castro

Do you think you'd be willing to sell a cd or multiple cd series with all of your choreography? I know you do online classes but I don't have a camera, and even then I am...way too nervous to practice in front of someone. I'd rather do it on my own and then perform in front of someone I know and trust than a stranger.

Montserrat González

omg hahahahahaha

Arturo Camarena

At 4:23 dude smacks the cheeks knowing dam well thats not part of the dance routine !? I woulda done the same haha ???

Thuli bea

I loved the leader she's great man???
Others too the girl wearing all black she's not that good

Jackie Vasquez

I love this ?? dancing for my man ?

Rosalena Cruz

Any gay people watching this be like ooo

Orlando Funez

Que lindura?

aurora TM

what is the account instagram of the man in the dark red shirt (with korean-looking eye) ???? I need to know, he is very handsome ?

Clara Etchebest

Si fuera hombre... se me para jajajajajja

Kimberley Grizzell

Ok but the first one at the end who throw their heels?

Nicole Espinet

I need the tutorial of this dance plissss?

MooN Child

Am I the only one who cringe watching this?! ?

I like the dance tho ??



dranoj opaiuq

I was in there

Niyah Blaise

My ass would probably break the damn chair-

Neo Don'tKnow

White shirt looks way too young to be doing this hella uncomfortable

Jenn Polo

Music river ??

Milena Leite da Silva


Doris Macias

No boy no body

Nino Ambardanishvili

People be like "who the guy in middle" me be like i wanna be the guy in middle

Aadhya Chintala

Unless they're already close can someone tell me how they have the guts to do that???

A Josephina

The boys are loving it


This is simple guys, get a floor and music the you good.

Me: A few moment later, ????



Sapphire Reedy

Three boys throw hahahah



Anna A

ok whhere were those classes at?

Glenda Vásquez

Soy la única que habla español aki ??✌

Adriana Lopez


Johnny Condon


Francisca silva Oliveira

Man q coreografia é essa Jesus kskskskksksksk eu hein

Ddh Dhdhd

Who is the male dancer on black and white Adidas sweater? ?


Me watching this while eating waffles: ???

Jerome Vandeusen


Doris Macias


Bruna Toigo

Mano os cara devem estar odiando isso né? Ksksksk




Damnit I miss the strip club ???‍♂️

Victória Oliveira


Shalae Collins

white dude in the left back didn’t lay a finger on my black queen yet was all over the white girl. anyways

alessandra maria

Não sei como vim parar aqui, porém confesso que gostei kkkkk

Alyssa Cyrese Aquino

i love that yellow hair girl ?

Juciele Fernandes


Adriele Jesus

Alguém do Brasil assistindo Da like ?

The Golden Claxics

The guy just had an orgasm just by watching her lol

sabrina gomes

Os homens ganharam o dia nesse dia porra queria eu esta sentada nessa cadeira para elas dançarem pra mim sonho

Jacquees - Feel it | Choreography by Lucie Camelo

Jacquees - Feel it | Choreography by Lucie Camelo27 May. 2019
559 520
Lucie CameloSubscribe 438 721

Take Lucie Camelo's Online

Take Lucie Camelo's Online Virtual Classes HERE: https://linktr.ee/Luciecamelo

Jacquees - Feel it

Choreography by Lucie Camelo


BOOKINGS: [email protected]


Check out more of my work here: http://www.luciecamelo.com/

Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luciecamelo/.

Filmed and edited by Liam Almeida @liam__studio


Dancer 1:

Lucie Camelo @luciecamelo

with Ronald Castor @iamalawaykid

Dancer 2:

Carlotta Arcolaci @carlottaarcolaci

with Taylor Ross @tayloross4

Dancer 3:

Juliette Dely @juliettedely

with Israel Scott @fitnessbks

Dancer 4:

Nidah Gashi @nidag1992

with Taylor Ross @tayloross4

Dancer 5:

Natasha Machuca @natashamachucaw

with Israel Scott @fitnessbks

Dancer 6:

Bea Vo @london_bea

with Taylor Ross @tayloross4

Filmed at: Chillicheezeldn

Thank you for watching!

Subscribe to my youtube channel: http://www.bit.ly/luciecamelosubscribe

Comments (61)
Gerda De wit

Omg want to really learn this choreography ?

cassandra boldovici

I feel like everyone’s gonna fuck after

Mariah Tacanga

I cannot decide if I love the lights or what

Robin H

Honestly, after this I think I'm gay. They do an amazing job, Goddamn!

Rebecca Pena

Love how she landed on his lap,saving this for my wedding in like 6 years from now haha

Camilla Lee Brett

Lemme tell you the fear I'd have,
I'd kick my man square in the face when I'm tryna get on his lap??

Geh Oliveira

Mds eu ja amo essa coreógrafa ♡

Arta Shabani

I wonder if he got a boner

Mariana Vitoris Nana

Aqui esta um comentário brasileiro , skskskks manoo elas dançam muitooo?

Samantha Mostowicz

that ending tho was so cute omgg????

It’s not Booka

First dude was like damn them glasses won’t cheap boe ?

thalia sangermano

So many flashing lights


I wouldn't know how to hold myself

Brianna Howard

The white guy is cute I love his hat ???

Flex L

Should have me in the video instead.

Madu vasconcelos

Let's go watch magic mike for 10th time

Regina Morais

Muito bom ?????

Kayla Boulet

0:29 the face she made?

Jessica Cruz

when he carried her.... that was so cute

Patricia Almeida

Amei ?

Madison Jackson

Where do you do your classes at?!

Erick Adrián

Wow, slick

Tik Toks

Y’all bout killed me wit them lights


Guys u haven't seen the video I've seen in tiktok, on this song, that fucking vibe, you're all going to cum, trust me

Lili Kay

Y’all epilepsy warning please godDAM


Uwu that moment when you're ?vibing? to the ?song? and the ?mood? set and then you just have a massive seizure ????


That orange head guy is fine as helllll

Anny Fernanda

Qual nome desse estilo de dança ??

Jerry Gardner

this song sounds so very beautiful and so sweet l really Love this song so much

Gioia Angela

I don't know if kill me more the lights or the dance ahaha

Haha Poor

I’m sure the dance is good but I wouldn’t know. Can’t watch cause I’d have a seizure... nothing sexy about a seizure ?

Jessy Morel

Yesss give us the danceeee we live 4 it???

De’Ajah Johnson

M,or vice chairwoman is our first year in a while and we are not going on our way to school or not to do ?????????????????????


check out my nightcore version of this song https://youtu.be/iTZxfG5Zf1M :)

pamela john

I didn't even notice the flashes until I read it in the comments

glover mccrae

the white guy expressions ? he enjoyed it

chrishn chris

please stop with the flashes, some people can have epilepsy, or just put the "flash warning"

zaina abdou

Dear future husband ,my honeymoon will be like

Xavion’s Momma

When she was on the ground then flipped up on him OMGGG

One handed Mom

Only thing I could pick on really. Is facial expression goes a long way! Feel it girl!!! Girls have the routine but not adding flair!!!
Grab his throat on "bad" bite your lip at the camera, feel yourself as you hump the air. Get it! Feel it! Dance is more then just following the routine, gotta add "texture" it's right there!
Frustrated cause it would be such a fantastic routine if the girls felt the "character" more. Get it!!!! Be a snack!!
(Passionate not yelling ??)
It looks so good! But play with the routine pleaseeee!!!!! Add your signature!??

Mia M

This is so delicious so hot. Amazing job ❤?

Shamiah Tribble

Yall should have way more likes then yall do u guys all killed it??

kim rand

Whats the name this kind of dance?


First girl didn't need a damn bit of help sitting up ?. Last girl had some struggles.


Im not even sensitive with graphics but that disturbs af

Raquel Teles

I really love this dance, and this music is so good?❤❤ Please do more choreographys like that??

Kylene Rivera




Mini Cameron

Lloyds verse is the best part ??

Mr.M1Garand 25

That first girl's dance?

dayane centurião


Danyelle Carol

Who’s the third boy ? ? name please

dahat dahat




angela lopez

Okay... but I really want to do this too!!! ?

sofiely veitia

the third dude looks mad ?

M. Claudine

Who’s the 2nd boy ? ?

Tahlia PT Oriña

anyone else get epilepsy? ?

Sarah Deeb

White light shit is bad editing

Samantha Mostowicz

I thought something was wrong w me, the lights??but I low key love it??
so good tho????

Lucy syh

Can you do a tutorials!!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Performs Ginuwine's "Pony" | Lip Sync Battle

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Performs Ginuwine's "Pony" | Lip Sync Battle26 Mar. 2018
6 174 885

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum recreates Channing Tatum's Magic Mike performance of Ginuwine's "Pony"!

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Comments (100)

girls who say bruh:

Terry Jones

1:40 y’all peep that airbrushed 8 pack? ??

Milagros Cornejo



와 언니 메리미

Lolo Io



She looks like his current girlfriend

Mar Us Nyamoso


Titania Mengyun

What a power dance.
What a. ???

Sam Moussa

This was literally perfect. She did it perfect.

Eliziane Santos

Já amo essa mulher arrasou

Daniel Vela

That woman is a fuh-REAK his loss !!

Donald Whitehead JR

Her Performance was Better

Aurel Pariama


Pennyplusthree Lovely

I need to take some lip sync classes to!

Julia Narushka

Channing's reaction is priceless!???

M Dhiman

guys i love this woman, she has all i want, i love her damncare act, it's too attractive

Jesse Hernandez

Wow people really make a fool out of themselves just for ratings don’t they

Mihika Deo

Man, I miss them


Uh.... Wow just seeing this !

Desiree Gonzales

Sexy woman rid on rid on me desiree gonzles you sexy man ?


Im so pissed they broke up! ? This was awesome!



Ron Riggs

Looks to me, like LL didn't realize, she was Channing's wife.... he was lookin like, he wanted to eat her!

Theresa Searcy

Nailed it!


Watching LL during this is completely underrated

Jess M

what a great couple! too bad they got divorced

Mikael Roldan

I think I'm straight now...

I'm a nobody!

Idfk why I'm watching this again?

Gamer Jacob

What the f###

Andrea Owens


Hannah Nicholas



Ah, the days when the two of them were so cute and wild together. Kinda makes me sad to see this again, but at least they had some crazy fun together.

Mimi Lobi

Yeah I’m definitely gay

Aster Ross

And this is why I'm not straight.

Was _im

Gamecrook works but I don't know how.

Rosa Gudny

Yup. I am definitely bisexual...

Asmaa Al-Ani

He forgot how to breath. Turned from a human into a tomato ??

nikole moore

Ll cool j in the back had to hold his mouth shut


"I want one"- Tony Stark

Mark Thompson

Best lip sync battle ever ! JD killed it !

Demitriyana Breland

okay but do y’all see LL’s face??

Dara Tuccinard

Did anyone realize that was his costar in Magic Mike that brought him to the chair?

Miguel Lugo

The fact LL face had me dead ? hahaha ? he thought bubble ? ( huh ? ok so that the type of time we on I see you ? ok )

Victoria Gabrielle

LOL! He was hella embarrassed ???

Manuel Nieves



Why divorce such a woman..........? Make no sense

Rich Y

He looks so uncomfortable. Lol


Makes me so sad they ain’t together anymore:(

ajit desai

jeep gladiator

Rachel Sawyer

I love this

Daniel Hernandez

She killed it

The Prince

I love when white women put it down like this.The confidence and the skills are more then I can take before Being turned on.

Cory Carter

Well hello abs!

Mizz Andry

Oh my heart a flutteth ??

Samsonar Shaw

Can I point out how muscular she is?


내 롤모델

Farida Mimi

The best of all time

jack l

Best part at :55. LL slaps back, “you better get over there”!!


오메..출구가 없으야...

Shiromika Tissera

Wow. Super

Gaming & crafts with Izzy


sasha witwicky

that was the most amazing thing I’ve seen TODAY. SHE IS A GODDESS

Laci Trussell

This is my absolute favorite!!!

Just Vibin

im gonna say this once and one time only WTFFFFF

Theria Williams

He was so turnt up!!!


LL can't take his eyes off her because he's low key turned on too

Vivian Sanchez


L. George

What's this doing on Comedy Central tho? This shit's legit hot haha.


진짜 개 멋있노

Rakurai Taiyo

She's funny XD

aljohn tabion

Can’t believ they split

Lucy R

And still got divorced

Music Lover

Man i regret being stright

holy water

this isn't your first time here .

Briahnna Curtis

If that isn't the hottest woman I've seen

Sonya Mundorf


Chao Lee

LL’s face at :28 ???

Melissa Hernández

La rompe bailando x favor!!!!

Erika Lagoria

Quien pudiera ser esa mujer jajajaja que hombreeee???

alyson moctezuma

my girlfriend, she said that one day she'd show me how to dance this dance...she recently got in a car accident and lost her memory and so watching this video makes me smile remembering her words she once told me, i hope her memory comes back someday and I hope she manages to remember me...I cant wait to hear "I love you" from her again...

Yeetus Deletus

I love that under the episode it says tv pg

Faisal Aman

She is back

Abraham Ysas

Fantástico ?

Vanessa Oneill

I miss Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum together they where my favorite couple

sakshi mishra

My favorite..I keep coming again and again on this one!!

Lilith Flegel

Me the hole Video be like:

Abrainette Jackson-Kouadio

Did you see LL's face

Nia Barber

This and wrecking ball were the top 2 performances ever on this show lol

María Tatay Sanzsegundo

Hands down the best lip sync performed at lip sync battle EVER

Asmaa Al-Ani

The man got dizzy ?


Haha she cant grove the grind

Delilah D'Ambrosio

anyone else come here from a joshler fic? just me, ok

Colapso DK

Ficou muito bom. A performance dela foi incrível manoo

Strider Fox

Why does she remind me of someone from a certain hub...

genieus z

Hence prooved...let girls do their job ?


Fun fact for those who don't know: they're married

annie kays

Forever my favorite

Gillian Lewis

LL looks interested ???
Also this was the best one... w. Channing Tate Yum

Kristin Farley

Who's still watching this is 2020/2021? (Its december 18th right so almost the new year)

Martavious Tisby