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SubQ vs IM Testosterone Replacement Therapy - SubQ or IM TRT

SubQ vs IM Testosterone Replacement Therapy - SubQ or IM TRT31 Dec. 2020
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Danny Bossa explains Subq

Danny Bossa explains Subq vs IM Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT, and why he changed from TRT subcutaneous injections to IM testosterone injections. Then you decide: SubQ or IM TRT!

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Comments (39)

Totally agree with you Danny. I've personally noticed I don't get consistent serum levels of testosterone while using a SQ protocol.
It seems to be a case of hit or miss. Perhaps different folks have differing levels of capillarization in their adipose tissue and also differing levels of capillarization between different areas like love handles vs front abdominals in an individual lead to inconsistencies?

TRT and Hormone Optimization

➜➜Watch This Next: "Danny Bossa: is your TRT Dose TOO HIGH?" https://youtu.be/OomrpISWbt4
➜➜Watch This Next: "Gil T: IM versus SUBQ injection technique" https://youtu.be/o0AnmBOVqGg
➜➜Danny Bossa's email address for anyone who wants to reach him : [email protected]hotmail.com


If you are having problems with your hematocrit levels constantly raising then SubQ is the way to go. If there are no issues then I would say stick to IM. I still feel great on SubQ and it's a much smoother ride for me. When on IM I felt great but as my levels fluctuated between doses I could feel the change. SubQ not so much! I wish this channel was around when I first started TRT, I had to research for years to find the info in this channel!


I like Sub Q better.

Len mckay

Hey Danny, did you see the recent article on Testosterone Nation saying sub-q is better. Just wondering what you're thoughts are on their info.


Nope SubQ every day will never go back to IM injections ..Plus to shoot every day or ever other day with IM is a pain in the ass

David Lombardi

Awesome video! I started with IM but with a thicker gauge into my quads once a week. 8 times out of 10, it was ok (still not fun) but 2 out of 10, it would be painful. Found this channel and Gil’s clinic and then switched my protocol to twice a week using insulin needle gauge into my delts... MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!! So much easier and no pain what so ever and my levels are even better. IM with insulin needle (29 gauge) is the way to go!


In my opinion, Danny Bossa is the Best guy teacher on TRT. My TRT os based on his standpoints.
Tks Danny for sharing your knowledge. I’am on 100 mg Testo Cyp every 4-5 days IM And feel awesome...I started to feel it kick in after week 7 (as previously teached by Danny Bossa).
Good bless you ??????

Talbot Pule

Thanks for this.
Please do a video in TRT and alcohol consumption

Detroit Diesel

Going from sub-q to IM, my free T went from 28 to 43 on the same dose of test.

Malek Malek


Matess Smiss

Hi, is this valid also for combined test like Sustanon, etc., please? (and then for fast and slow tests themselves alone - like propionate or undecanoate - or for them is insuline needle into IM not recommended?)


Thanks Danny, that is science, when you find a better way, you do it. ?


Thanks for this video Danny. I've been on subQ with 2 shots per week for 8 months now with great success. No nodules . I will try ventro glute though just for the comparison. Keep up the great work!


This guy sounds like a wuss, way too afraid if needles

Bohol Snowman

I did IM for 3 yeats, then swiched To SubQ 3 times a week. Much better for me, and never have issues with lumps, I use a hand massager for 30 secs after the shot ... no issues.

Josh Stef

Order an auto injector for IM and it’s easy. I’m petrified of needles and it’s been a game changer


The most surprising thing for me was finding out IM with an insulin needle is actually way LESS painfull than subcutaneous in the bodyfat. Especially if you do deltoids and you become too lean to easily inject the fat.

Preeti Beniwal

Can we do our test shot with insulin syringe in intra mucular?

Aden Fermin

Happy Belated Birthday Danny!

Shot-out from Sunny South Florida & cheers ?


Man up inject in your ass lol


You said that people with high SHGB feel better with less frequent injections (once or twice weekly) and often feel worse with more frequent injections (daily or every other day). Can you explain why this is? Do you have a video about this?

Matt Varela


Diabetic Muscle

Can you go IM still with an insulin syringe?


Great Video Danny !!!

Blair Monkman

I reckon everyone's different, if your pinning daily or eod and it's like 0.2ml or less per shot I can see why people would go for subQ over IM, shooting in 0.5ml subQ definitely seems like it would aggravate more lumping.


I love the keep it simple approach. I wish I never started desiccated thyroid supplementation because I really didn’t need it levels were mid-low and doc said try it but now it’s just another variable to dial in.

sheen d

I got a huge lump and pip with subq, I've done IM in the delt forever now.

Ronald Paek

Shallow IM ftw you only need 1/2 inch 27 gauge

Christian Ercegovich

I was getting scars and an itchy reaction to subq. Switched to shallow IM in the deltoid and that’s definitely worth the switch to me.

Andrew a

It's funny how steriods are designed for im use. Even on all bottles that come from a proper lab. Doctor etc. Always says on the bottles im injections. Just another opinion but at the end of the day its made to be injected into muscle. You can drink it and im sure your tes levels will go up. But at the end of the day its made for im shots. Just LIKE all the new fads with diets same thing. Like i said drink testosterone cypianate every day a bet levels will rise

Billy B

interesting conversation happy new year to all there
always a full view ?Au ?we gave you a like


hey ,can you help me out brother ?
just started sub q eleven days ago
every day injections , alternate spots on abdomen
yesterday I noticed a lump from a shot 2 days ago from now. the nodule you said.
its a bit painfull . I can feel it under the skin . there is no change in color but a bit swelling , is it lipohypertrophy or an inflammation/infection ? and what can I do to remedy the prob. Thanks ?

Jonathan Monterrosa

27g 1/2 needle is the way to go on IM

Cooney. B

Thanks for sharing & putting out the helpful information you do! Have been a big help with all things trt/hrt ..I'm 34 & have been on trt for 4 months now. My ng/dl went from 180 to 898 & feel so much better! Happy New Year & look forward to what 2021 has in store.


I have settled on the following: I use an insulin needle gauge 30. I warm the testosterone by placing it on a small piece of sheet metal and place a tea candle under the metal. I warm the testosterone until it is very warm. Once warmed, it draws in just seconds and injects quickly. I inject in the delts or low fat areas of my upper thighs. I inject daily in the morning (called micro dosing). I inject .140 ml (200mg/1 ml).

imeldo marcos

Problem with sub q, one spot at most 0.3 ml. Perfect for short ester though.

Filip Behiels

good video , thankx


The test IM In the Delt is less irritating than the peptide subq in the abdomen

One Year On TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

One Year On TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)31 Oct. 2019
49 932
TRT CommunitySubscribe 438 721

It's been one year since I

It's been one year since I started testosterone therapy. What's it been like? Watch and see.

3 Months on TRT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx10byXpXSM&t=1s

6 Months on TRT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8f8rhXu26s&t=252s

Inject Successfully - 8 Tips:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnadorRJi1A&t=9s

My First Subcutaneous Injection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycf9-Rd0x7A&t=3s

TRT and High Estrogen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAOUiQljaQs&t=15s

Comments (100)

Bostin Lloyd was shooting 1500 of test a week

Kevin Braden

Thanks for the video. Do you have to periodically take an Estrogen blocker.

Mark Wagner

I'm new here, watching some of your vids [and dropping likes along the way] - Hope I find your numbers somewhere? Start and current T number at minimum??


Hello and congratulations on your one year anniversary! This may be a silly question, but is there an alternative to needle injections? I assume you have no issue with injecting yourself. However, personally I kind of get freaked out by needles. ?

Another sucker

You look healthier. Well done buddy I'm sure you have a lot of proud people with you.

Stealth Driver

This is great! Congrats.
Thanks again for these videos.

Over the course of this year did you ever have to utilize anything other than just testosterone? Just curious if you had any negative issues, other than your estrogen spike, than needed to be reminded with a stack of something else.

We all appreciate the time you put into this.

Paul Faulkner

Been on TRT for yearly a year. Weight gone down but still feel crap. Started on Sustanon but been trying Enanthate - which has been a disaster. They’re talking about Cypionate now. Anyone else had this problem? Unsure what to do. My t levels now look good - still feel terrible tho

Sri Dhar

Hello sir, my testosterone level is very low not growth mush tag and beard what can i do pls help me ?

Ian Smith

The only reason I don’t want to go back on is cause of the hair loss :/

Lakindu Sadumina

Do tou still using Testestorone. 1yr long?

Ali Jooya

Thanks for the honest review. Do you need to stay on TRT for the rest of your life?


54 and interested in TRT. have not done blood work yet. i understand that once started it cannot be stopped ? my question is some body builder types take ungodly amounts of testosterone. then they stop at some point. how can they stop and not an individual on low dose TRT ? if they're was some type issue with being on TRT why couldn't it be stopped ? also big one for me is does it have to be refrigerated if dosing self ? i spend weeks in the wilderness without benefit of my fridge. if i qualify, i would request 100mg. weekly. dont want to have to use any other meds. not currently on any medications.


Shoulders are noticeably wider. I'd say you definitely made big improvements, especially since you're on just 80mgs

Who Gadgets

Love this guy he reminds me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons, he was jacked and had dem gainz on the cartoon.


I’m 22 and unfortunately am already having difficulties. My doctor recommended me to a urologist so we will see what happens. Extremely nervous.

Matt D.

good video. as far as physique goes, if you (anyone) want to get bigger you have to do more than merely exercise, you have to train. that means running thru a linear progression program comprised of heavy, compound whole body lifts with a barbell — squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench. Starting Strength is a popular novice LP program, StrongLifts 5x5 is another and has a great app. These programs ramp you up from very light to fairly heavy weight in a few months. After that there are novice-intermediate programs, intermediate, etc. The distinction here is training is more of a skill and commitment than merely exercising to get sweaty and tired. And it pays off in more ways.

Walter Maul

When did libido kick in

Stephen Mast

@3:25 Bet 2020 had something to say about those goals. lol

Personal trainer Gar

What was the total at the beginning thanks where are you located Canada ??

Waking Up America with Joe and Vinny

Hey. What were you’re low t levels when you started?

David Marshall

I recently had my levels checked at 52 years old due to symptoms of low energy and anemic blood counts. My level is 415 which shows normal, but I still have issues. What were your levels before and after treatment? I don't have a baseline from younger years so I'm not sure 415 is low for me. What I do know is, I feel like shit on the inside, mentally and physically.

Saul Perez

I have a question and I need your opinion is there any way you could respond to me. Maybe through email?


It’s so reassuring to watch vids like yours. I live in the U.K. and have after feeling ‘not myself’ for years, have finally found a doctor that has concluded that I need TRT. I’m so relieved to hear from others like yourself how beneficial and life changing it can be. Here’s to gender equality! Thank you


Hi Cohen! First of all thanks for your videos, they are informative, entertaining and made me less anxious about this whole TRT topic. It's going to be a little intimate question and there might be a reason why you didn't mention this in your videos, but how did TRT affect your sexual life, libido etc? I have low T as well (282 ng/dl) and basically my libido totally gone at age of 26 which is quite frightening.

Michael H

I am 38 and suffered a lot of symptoms of low testosterone. I tested at 178. Mood swings throughout the day were the normal for me.

I have noticed that just 2 days after the first 200mg injection. I feel calm. I don't feel any other benefits and I don't expect to yet. But I just feel at peace calm and had a couple very mild mood swings. But they were brief.


I’m on it about 10 years and It is amazing. New life.

Tej Brar

Whats your neck and shoulder measurement at now? just wondering !

Love the videos also

Travis Jones

Hey buddy. Very nice video. You seem like a really nice person. Love your personality and we appreciate you!!!

Tjalle den Ouden

I wonder how deep you digged trying to find the root cause of your low testosterone. There are many lifestyle/habit factors that can cause it to be low.

Nada de nada

Did trt help you whit cognition/focus/determination?

jim jam

if you don't mind me asking,,,, what is your current testosterone level after 1yr on trt??

Mustapaha Djourdem

am 21yo i was thinking to start Trt
should i?

moonboogie N8

What were your numbers when they were at the lowest? Do you remember?
I'm about to start my therapy, and my levels are pretty low. . mid 100s.
Doing reseach about it and I'm finding your channel helpful.


Sick montages bra!!!! And right forearm is bigger ? nice! Jk man thx for the vids

Michael Stud

Good video? 80mg of test per week is more than enough to get a badass physique. If you are interested start a good strenght training program at the gym

Worth Hartzell

Can I ask if your gonads changed?


Great videos!! Ready to see the Doc!
Tnks alot for helping!

Martha Cassanova

Why are you taking testosterone? Did you have orchiectomy? Sorry it’s Just a dude


will being on trt for a year damage the ability to make naturaly test if you decide to get off.

Andres Morales

What camera are you using?

Felix Thecat

Gotta throw some Deca in there bro!

Pres. Elect Raul Villeareal

Hi thanks for the info. Are you injecting 1mil. Every week or 0.5mil.

Dan Belcher

What your taking is steroids very low dose

Christopher Jackson

Curious what your starting and ending Testosterone levels are. I'm at 300 and feel like I'm very low at 37.

Nick Stiver

Have you had gyno?

Kane Citicani

He went from Steve Carrel, to Steve wahlberg

Nirvana One

Good to see your well being and progress on TRT ?
This is cliche but have you noticed being more angry or aggression on Testosterone?


Idubbz in 15 years


is there a rest period or do you take 80mg/week continuously?

Paul Cysneros

Did you lose hair?

Rs2Hackzltd .Asooma97

Why not go back to 100mg a week? Confused as to why your doctor bumped you down to 80mg after saying 100mg had you too low than he would of liked?

Charles Hyde

You must have a good doctor. Mine prefers to not listen and keep on a path that doesn't have results. I need a better doctor. Been going more than a year with a fraction of the results you have. This guy must have stock in androgel because he insists on keeping me on that junk.

Keith Peters

great job on all these videos, informative and funny. What is your testosterone levels and free testosterone levels on 80mg a week?


Outstanding ?


so what will you do the next years? stop?
TRT has side effects, which may include:
Acne and oily skin.
Lower sperm count, which can cause infertility.
Increased risk of blood clots.
Shrinkage of the testicles.
Larger breasts.
Increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

R Boyd

The change looks good. Your chest got a lot bigger, and you look more fit. Impressive.


Damn my test levels are 320 and even though I feel tired and get brain fog at times, I still have no problem putting on muscle albeit at a very slow rate after my initial beginner gains.


I think mainly what has changed is your looks. You look more manly now.

john sun



Even at that low of a dose, if you uped your calories and just added in some compound movements like back squats, barbell shoulder press, bench press, and deadlifts, you could put on some serious size and strength

raymond salazar

Great stuff I’ve been on TRT for 2 months before I started taking hormones my levels were 212, 246, 245 now I’m 638 with 18.1 free test at 140mg per week. I’ve been on 160mg the last 4 weeks and did labs yesterday I’m eager to get my results


THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Indeed helpful!

Ben Legault

Just got yourself another sub... I’m in the same boat as you my friend, father, worker, 42 yo, not much time to workout and when I do, I prefer calisthenics and yoga... anyways... I’ve been depressed for quite some time and I’ve been I injuring myself pretty badly and can’t seem to heal for good.... my blood tests showed my T level very low... started TRT just now... cant wait to see where this will lead me... I think I’ve hit my problem on the head with TRT... thank you for your channel and what you do... Peace!

Imperial Wes

How has this affect your beard growth?

David Goodrow

I’ve been on TRT for one month and i inject 1000mg / 1ml every six days and three days after my 1st injection i could feel a change. Not to be disrespectful here but im 55 years old and after my 3rd injection i have a CRAZY sex drive! I feel like im 22 again sexually! It definitely helps in that department FOR SURE!

Jimmy Strudel

How much does it cost?

Jess John

You are just a drug addict now

faith that worketh by love

Cool board shorts : )

guru nayak

This is a steroid.
Once use this then do not increase T levels naturally?

Shawn Hetfield

Thanks for sharing.. Like the content...??

Pieter De boer

He said he was on 150 then 125. Now he says he was on 100 then 80. So i'm confused?

Nuttapong Punya

trt = u on steroid

Brian Henry

He should have prescribed you an ani-estrogen pill for your hi reading.

Pres. Elect Raul Villeareal

I'm currently on 1mil every 2 weeks, however after day 8 I have a huge dip.


Im about to start! The injection are my problem.. im afraid of IM. Thanks for helping!

Texas Dude

I have question...... Has there been any studies about TRT and caffeine? I drink high amounts of Caffeine most days and we're wondering of that's a good or bad thing....?‍♂️?

John Doe

Just a heads up, the curls aren't really doing anything for you. Plus, they'll mess your shoulders up quick. You'd be better off doing some sort of weighted squat. Pull ups are good, switch your grip around whenever you remember, that will work your arms in place of the curls while working your upper back. Just a thought.

Keith Riddle

I think you look awesome,

Roland Special Sauce

Will insurance pay for this or is this a very expensive out-of-pocket?

Dams bb

Well dude you will never see a change if you married

Francisco Cabral

hi, I was just wondering if you know how much would be your dose on ml. You stated 80 mg, according to my calculations, it would be a dose of 0.4ml, is that right?

Sean Frazier

Thanks for sharing

Lee's Uploads

Do you take any anti estrogens? The doctors in the UK will not test. So ive done my own bloods. Will be self prescribing.


U look great.

travis ward

delts injections are my favorite

IMPlive 17

Brother how old are you?

Andres Morales

Digging the sense of humor you have

Joseph Williams

Well I finally got to the doctor and got my testosterone levels checked. I wasn't feeling a lot of the symptoms you mentioned but I was having some of them. My testosterone is at 300. Which from my general practitioners viewpoint is normal. But but I disagree. I'm 44 by the way. I'll probably be moving on to a trt clinic in my area at this point. Your YouTube channel has helped me a lot and I appreciate it. oh and if you had employed deadlift and squats in your routine I bet your muscle gains would be much better.

Tiago Diniz

I've just left a message on the "3 months" video... and then I've found this "1-year" video... Thank you so much for posting those. As I've mentioned in the "3-months" video, I am about to start my TRT, and I have one question; What if you just stop the injections? Is that bad for your health? I'm asking that because one of my big concerns is to be a prisoner of the TRT. Thank you.

Ian Smith

My mood swings are a thing , I thought it was hormonal but a lot of it was from my PTSD/Trauma. I’m off TRT cause I’m trying to determine what is hormonal and what is just from all this stupid shit that happened to me ....

David Gutierrez

Great honest information, content and presentation. I appreciate your shared experience your results with TRT. Great work!!?

Walter Fuerst

If you take test on a regularly base, how do you handle testicular atrophy. Do you take something like HCG? Have you ever talked about it with your doc? Or do you even notice it?

TRT Community

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ethan dellinger

Ned Flanders

Jesse James

Greetings from England. Thanks for that nice pleasant chat, I'm 56 just started on .5 ml test enanthate, I'll see at 6 weeks check I'm currently 3.01 nmol/L :(...


I dont know but at 7:12 your nipple looks a bit puffier than the before and you are carrying a bit more fat I think. You sure you're not aromatising too much of the test?


Do you take HCG? and have you tried micro dosing daily? What are your total and free T numbers?

Elliott Feldman

Hey brother, great video. My friend just went to one of those low T centers so this video popping up in my feed was super helpful and I just sent it to him. From what he told me, he got tested and his free testosterone count was 277. Note he’s 30, keeps in shape at around 165pounds, works out a couple times per week, similar body type to yours, and works on his feet throughout most of the week. Even though he’s in the “normal range” of 270-1030 free testosterone.... he’s in the lower spectrum of the normal range and fears he’s missing out on a better quality of life. I asked him if he was concerned for intimacy issues, but he said ED is not the issue. He says he has been feeling weaker in the gym over the last year and has been dealing with brain fog and lack of motivation more so than he’s been accustomed to and is worried it might be due to a hormonal imbalance. But He’s telling me his main concerns are wanting children in the future and worries TRT will negatively impact his sperm counts long term should he eventually settle down and be forced to go off TRT to regain regular sperm counts so he can conceive with his partner (which there’s a risk of sperm counts not going back to normal as you know). Since you’ve been through this experience, would you suggest I tell him to just wait until after children to get on TRT since he’s technically within the normal range anyways? Thanks ??

Blue Sky

congratulations!! maybe in the next 8 months I could be there too. great videos. thank you

Yalla Papi

Yo this guy is hilarious