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Top 10 Gay Stereotypes | How Do YOU Rank?

Top 10 Gay Stereotypes | How Do YOU Rank?18 Nov. 2019
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Comments (100)
Jay Deline

being gay is rough was called gayjay throughout school it was rough lol I relate to probably like 5 things on that list honestly. That song came on at Walmart I’m a customer service manager i was red lining Britney was like Jay were you just busting a move to that song and i died I was like bitch was I really doing that lol yep so definitely relate lol

Mohamed Germanotta

yeah im a fast walker lol
i think when it's comes to music they say : al the gay guys loves Lady Gaga or Madonna

Veronika Korčáková

I'm walking soooooooooo quickly. I'm lesbian. It's soooooooooo real?? I can't sit properly XDDD my family hate my behavior ?

Brandon Webber

First sentence of your video is sooo hilariously false. Not to be mean or anything but I've definitely seen those wanna be gangster white guys blah, blah, blah. Yeah whatever.... as soon as the door closes and the lights are of their the biggest bottom ever. Just saying!

Suramath Isaranuwatchai

You’re so cute. ??
I did not think that you are tall. I don’t know why.

Dr Shyho


Steve S

I'm a big zero on this scale, but do like to suck cock.  that's def a gay stereotype that I'll cop to. lol

J Johnson

A friend and I dressed up like catholic nuns one year for Halloween. Does that count?

Don Taft

You are insanely cute!!!!!!!!

Michael Duntz

sitting on my couch watching this with one leg straight out and the other leg literally on the armrest at the other end of the couch

Andre Malan

The older generation all loved Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, and Shirley Bassey. ?


fast walking 1 - jepsen 0 (who is that?) - ice coffee 0 - sitting 0 (because it's pretty normal for all men in Europe) - fashion 0 (could not care less what's fashionable right now, BUT I dress with style so maybe 1/2) - manners 1- skin care: 0 (no chems added or needed) -top&bottom 0 (the whole seperation is mostly wrong to start with) - party/play 0 - drag 0 - musical theater 1 (well, there are hotties there).
So: 3,5 /10 (or 11). "Golden" gay here.

the Pop Spot

so I clicked on your video and the first thing I thought was, how the hell is his skin so nice, then I saw you talking about your face products and well, now I'm buying and using the product. this is the new age of marketing techniques and this is the only way I will buy stuff like this going forward. haha


I like to hear you do this at 55. Just wait it all changes

series tv show

My walking is too slow and i see all people looking like iam not normel, i try to change that walking bat stilll nothing change my walking it be my what people feel iam different of them

Enrique Ortiz

You do understand that stereotypes are wrong, right? Because you agreed to most of them... which perpetuates them. smh.

Hen Dor

I don't walk fast, like at all.
I do kinda like carly rae
Hate ice coffee (and coffee in general)
Yap, can't sit properly
No to dressing well and my manners are ehhh
Top and masculine (for the most part)
Haaaaaaaate prties
Have never done drag, might consider it if given the chance
Can't comment, mot a theater/drama guy
So it's 3 stereotypes that fit for me

Greg MacIntyre

1) I walk slowly, 2) I’ve never heard of this Jepson woman, 3) I prefer ice tea to ice coffee even in winter, 4) can’t sit properly? Weird. 5) I rely on my bf for fashion, I’ve got manners, 6) My bottom bf is a masculine boxer, I’m a feminine top, 7) I’ll admit, I love musical theatre. My happiest moments as a teen we’re on the stage.

syd sandoval

The results are in.

I got a 3. I’m not gay.

Cousin: that’s not how it works
Me: Oh yeah, I’m gay.

Drue Blackmon

I feel like I can't stand straight. But I KNOW that I can't sit in a chair correctly for more than 2 mins

Weifeng Jiang

Two of my friends who are gay like to tell me 'the committee has decided your gay card remains withheld'. HOWEVER - walking fast, cannot stand still (I have to pace around), in musical theatre - all guilty as charged. Funnily the musical theatre company I was in (many years ago now) had very few gay people in it but produced a lot of straight couples.

Swiftie Forever

Google maps: 7 minutes until destination, ........... 5 if you gay....


Well, the all tops are masc and all bottoms are fems is a myth, I don't know about you but all the tops I know are quite feminine and almost all the bottoms are pretty manly, to the point of the ridiculous... here's one stereotype that I find funny, You were the only gay guy in your high school, 10 years later you find half of your school on Grindr


I'll tell you 1 it's NOT broked , shallow , picky , rude , racist

James Bottomley


Osman Shah

Yeah I’m 0/10 on those stereotypes. I mean if decent hygiene and manners but no fashion sense

Larry P

I walk quickly because everything scares me

Phillip Bernhardt-House

I have never heard the first five you mentioned...?!? Different strokes, I guess. ;)

Renz Official

You are so cute❤️❤️❤️

Michael P. Waller

Are your teeth natural ?

Will Waise

James Corden broke my heart..? he is straight ??

Raymond Holcomb

None. Well i do dress ok. And im clean. But not fashionable. And i hate pride. I was raised with humility . And being prideful . ..for having brown hair. Yeah about the same. Also im conservative and our president rocks. Private life is private . Cue the hypocrites.


Hey Dominic I'm kind of new to your Channel so I've watched you in the past on and off and I've just got to say you've grown quite a bit maturity-wise and probably in the wallet as well with all your YouTube success.... that's the real reason I'm messaging you today is I love that shirt on you it makes you look so bright and happy and lovely

Dominick Whelton

Happy Monday Cuties! How did you relate to these? Comment below! Also, be sure to check out Tiege!

abdulkader alabasie

All gays like ice tea?

alex faversham

Cannot relate to any of these gay stereotypes. How about this....'I'm just a regular masculine guy/dude/bro who just happens to like other guys/dude/bro''s really that simple. I don't listen to any type of music, have fav pop star, dress a certain way...etc. I'm just a guy and yes OK you'd say I'm str8 acting and all that crap but gays are their worst own enemies.

1 Of Those

I've been out for 43 years and I used to have this issue with my ear piercings. Got both sides done. It makes no difference what side you put it on. It doesn't show gay or straight. It so stupid for a piece of jewelry...?????️‍?

Mad King Nick


Edward O'Brien

2 out of 10. I guess I must be straight. Too bad I love me some dick.

Johnstone 2821

I have realized I’m the least stereotypical gay guy you will ever meet. The only one is that I walk somewhat fast. I do have good manner but have terrible fashion sense and not very good skin but do have good hygiene. I don’t make it obvious that I’m hay but if you know me well you can 100% tell.

Kamar Mighty

All gay people are unique. Just like all straight ppl are unique. Why aren't there any straight stereotypes? Ugh. Stereotypes are just yucky. ???

Giovanni Jacobs

the only type of coffee i drink is iced coffee

Bär Ohne Honig

Just my opinion about me:
1. No, love to walk slow
2.yes, call me maybe
3. No
4. Well... Depends... it Could be
5. No
6. No. I know top fems and masc bottoms I hate partying


Cut To The Feeling and Call Me Maybe are iconic, idfc what you say

Krisxx Prexnphyeq

Walk fast is a gay thing???

Papsi San

No doubt there is culture surrounding the lgbt community...but i personally believe that if you are gay, you shouldn't go out of your way to fit into these labels and stereotypes. Be unique, be yourself! Just do what makes you happy. You don't have to like something that every gay guy likes.

Evenor Pineda

1/10 ?


You know top/bottom is a real stereotype which is why I can tell this guy is clearly a big bottom

Calvin Wongn

Dang! You talk too fast! But thanks for the info!


Wow, we are like the same person, lol.


Haha imagine having clear skin

-this message was brought to you by fuckton of freckle gang


There was an option for a gay stereotype for a drama skit which is why im here.

Warren Clifford


Stephen Bernham

I do not like coffee at all xD
And I walk slow because I sweat to
And I don’t cross my legs it hurts me

chris wong

liking this while speed-walking

Владислав Фунтиков

i`m gay, i like Espresso and Latte, also fast walker :P


Only one that I fall under from these is that I’ve always been a fast walker. Whew!

M Pop

1) I walk fast because of school...beat the bell. Don't be late
2) Call Me Maybe. That's it?
3) Nope. Don't drink coffee
4) Yeah. I tend to sit slanted mostly with legs together
5) Yeah I dress nice, no skin care routine, and I was raised to be respectful
6) Never had sex so I'm just a queer sweetie❤
7) NOPE. No thank you
8) No but I identify as female
9) Not a big fan of musicals

Tom Kelly

Its also true that some of us love to top and bottom! Carley Rae, I know who she is but am not the biggest fan. My fav. When I was a kid was Tina Turner now that still is my girl even though that was when I was 16 and was twenty years ago. Dom love your channel, Thx so much. One last thought and I will haunt you no more is the lack of manners people show to customer service people, whether it be at a supermarket or at Macy's buying a bottle of cologne, for some reason peeps whethwr gay or straight thibk that theae workers are one step below the maid. BTW, I was a supermarket cashier in another galaxy(high school) and there were such lovely people but the ones that were not....... Sorry for rhe length of this commentary. Dom, love the videos but more importantly the content. ✌ Tom

Sean Chan

Walks fast? Guilty about it. I didn't know that it was a gay stereotype lol. All of us in the family just walks fast (and I am slowest in our family). Carly Rae Jepsen? Yep, but not because of it being a gay anthem (or whatever stereotyping), the production in her music and lyricism is so relatable that the meaning of her songs sometimes hide under its production, and I love it. Having good sense of fashion, manners, clear skin (still trying to achieve it)? I agree on that one because I like to mix and match clothes based on my style, the manners...COME ON. You grew up with no manners? Okay nope.

The one I find funny is the iced coffee, I like drinking iced coffee but I need that boost whenever I feel my coffee hot, it wakes me up lol. The masc or fem labelling, nah, I am neutral (I would say) about it, I am not even that masc or fem much. PnP? Nah, I enjoy being indoors and reading books. Drag? Would like to do it once in my life, seems very fun tbh. I was once in musical theatre/acting, I have tons of friends that are hetero and it's pretty great.

All in all, I only got 3 out of 9. starts hearing the term "you're not gay enough" Welp, guess I will head out and have fun.

Lux9999 Crownguard

I hate coffee....but I bet I would like ice coffee

Forrest Winslow

To be honest I'm bi but I like my coffee like I like my and inside of me!

Shatodryu mr

DOM.. jUST WATCHING YOU MAKES MY DAY.. no matter what's the topic. This was extremely entertaining video. I would LOVE to see Miss Fame to give you a drag make up, just for fun... And one more thing.. Why and How YOU are soooooooooo Beautiful.... n freakin' Adorable.. !!


1: I do walk fast.
2: Nope, not my music.
3: I do (but so does many of my straight friends) but I also like normal coffee.
4: I sit like everybody else.
5: No, well my maners are alright. But I only wear sports clothes. And my skin well....
6: Nope, i am opposite of that.
7: i don't do drag at all.
8: I don't know. I am not a part of the arts. I play handball...

Cory Harrison

U r cute af...

James Mason

[email protected]

Matthew carver

My husband and I had no idea who carlie Jenson was. We just heard her name about two weeks ago. Still not sure I have heard her music. I also like lose fitting close. Really don't like being resricted.

Pro & Contra Deutschland

Nice personality channel. Just one thing: Please get rid of that beard. You simply don't have a beard. It barely grows. It looks a little fake. as if someone tries to be somebody else. Make your peace with your (very beautiful!!) BEARDLESS face.


Jeremy Jordan is a cutie, it is a shame he's straight! His character on Supegirl was so fun, it's also a shame he left the show.

Pedro Gabriel

Gays don't catch balls :)

Kevin Cheng

Score = 3
I feel like you've already done this video...
Also, you always manage to bring up your sponsors in your videos.

Ear Lobe.

We learned to fast walk after people started beating the shit outta us.

Fred Lewis

The only one that applies to me is #1. I've walked fast my entire life. I actually had the nickname "Turbo" because I walk so fast.


I think the reason why like he said that gay men walk fast is because they are used to being harassed or chased by homophobic strait men wanting to beat them up or rob them.  and running fast from the police because of being out late and having sex with their buddies in non- appropriate area's  that are known for gays to have sex.   Does this make any sense?  it does a  little!  LOL     Also,  they like to pretend they are walking down the runway or cat walk,  with their new fabulous outfit on.  and showing it off!!

Oscar Mosedale

I got 1 ???

yosuke yoshioka

Omg!!! Jeremy Jordan!!!! I really loved him and that was my heartbroken too!!! I love you Dom!!!! I love this community!! Cheers

Cory Harrison

I may smoke a lil bit of weed but I don't party or play that often so no.

In The Mind of Matthew


Cory Harrison

I dont dress great, my skin is NOT the GREATEST, & my manners can be POOR.


Damn, I speedwalk too!


Add Aaron Tveit to your Musical Theatre Straight Guys List... his "As long as He needs me" will Break your heart. And for Jeremy... he has Done a Great Celine Dion Cover of "IT's all coming Back to me now" ... hell... what straight guy sings Celine ???

Jens de Fries

I didnt know all this until I heard it from you and realize I do 8/10 of this stereotypes

Willynn Mcl

The only hot drink you like is hot chocolate, not man juice? Hmmm..............

Marty Cra

ok we literally said the same thing when you said that all bottoms are feminine and all doms are masculine i said "fuck no"

Ben Aleman Stacey

Thanks to this video I am hooked on Cut to the Feeling ?


I feel like I am being called out Hahaha!

Access Wisdom

Carly Who? Maybe I fit none of those stereotypes. Any of the pop culture stuff, I appreciate, but don't follow it passionately.

Emerson Wiborg

Theory: chairs were made wrong

Swiftie Forever

I never realized my fast walking was a gay thing.......

Kieran Grossman


Jeremy D

No I walk slow
No I don’t know her. It’s Britney bitch
No hate coffee period
No I seat normal
Yes I dress good
Don’t care
No to drugs
No drag
98.9 percent is gay

St. T.W.O

1. I walk slowly but to others it's fast... probably because I'm 6,5 feet tall
2. I usually don't ever listen popmusic - I listen Hard core metal, something like you USA people refer as calling out Satan from hell music.
3. why some drink is stereotypical "gay thing"!? Does it make me more manly because I drink Booze, moonshine, Absinthe and many other strong alcohol beverages? :p
4. I do man spreading and I don't cross my legs.
5. bitch please... xD
6. what do you think me as security officer likes in bed??? many sinful things :P
7. No drugs. period.
8. drag why...? straight people do drag more.
9. musical theater... no.

Cory Harrison

I don't dress in drag EVER. I have put on my moms heels as a child that's it.


Haha, me and my guy combine for 1 measly point. I'd say my personal biggest 'type is that I love Madonna.

Timothy Chiong

yes i walk very fast , but my bro is straight but also walks very fast

Ben Yeager



1 yes
2 no
3 yes
4 yes
5 no
6 no but yes in my case lol
7 no
8 no
9 no but yes in my case sometimes
10 no but yes in my case

Cory Harrison

Nope I cant sit properly lol


Washing twice a day is why you have to moisturize twice a day [and apply, lather, and don't repeat]. Give your skin a chance to moisturize itself. All that expenditure is unnecessary. Meanwhile, soap up all the stinky places everyday, especially after exertion.

Cory Harrison

I dont like iced coffee HATE it

Gay Men Do the Best Makeup | Is It True? | All Def Comedy

Gay Men Do the Best Makeup | Is It True? | All Def Comedy17 Dec. 2016
1 653 678
All Def ComedySubscribe 438 721

Many women will tell you,

Many women will tell you, if given a choice, they prefer a gay man to apply their makeup. But why is that? Comedians KevOnStage, Kanisha Buss & Heidi Heaslet compare models to see who does the best 'beat face' and to finally answer the question.













Starring: Kevin Fredericks, Kanisha Buss, Heidi Heaslet, Melissa Hibbert-Brumfield, Randy Silva, Kanika Lal, Francesca Dugan, MegScoop, Penda Jahmil, Jade Avalos, Deanna Pak

Producer: Megan ""MegScoop"" Thomas

Director: Damien Thurmon

Director Of Photography: Adam Bial

Camera Operator: Irvin Liu, Mike Fitzgerald

Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan

Production Assistant: Casandra Epps, Jerami Monreal

Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti

Editor: Momo Lee Aoi

Assistant Editor: Justin Johnson

VFX: Josh Lester


Check out my TopVideos!




About All Def Comedy :

Dope Comedy for the CULTURE

All Def is a multi-platform media company leveraging the cultural power of Hip-Hop, Comedy, Poetry and Social Justice.

Hip Hop transcends age, class, gender and geography. It drives the content behind our most popular films, TV programming and even our Broadway shows. Hip Hop also drives significant parts of global culture, and All Def leverages this truth every day. You’ll find our work on HBO, MTV, Fusion, Spotify…and we’re just getting started. And more than anyone, Hip Hop speaks to youth. All Def has leveraged the cultural power of Hip Hop to grow our owned channels to over 10 million fans aged 18-24.

Gay Men Do the Best Makeup | Is It True? | All Def Comedy

All Def Comedy

Comments (100)
Andrea Summerlin

Is it just me or does the light not do the makeup justice

Kendal Lenk

I’m watching this

I’m having fun

emma carlis


sister_jamesx makeup

Should've used james charles


the woman did so much better, how did she not win?? as a makeup artist myself i preferred the looks the judges didn't choose in each round and was able to tell they were done by the woman. the man's skill is severely lacking compared to the woman's and straight up he shouldn't have won

Kenny Nelson

They should had add James Charles.

Denise Sam

He knew he was gonna won?? Won...

obsessed kpopper

I love my food

War Of Oasis

So men are much better do make up than girls XD

That Curly Headed Kid

A models face were always two-toned to me?

Hol Coulam

isn't this stereotyping


I knew I was going to won.. bitch what

Will Torres

I mean... Just on number of years doing their jobs... One has been doing it waaaay longer. Just sayin

Dark&pretty likeBriaMiles &Lupita

The white woman is too loud.

Your Local Cryptid

Honestly, I'm a non-straight guy (idk what my sexuality is) and I have to admit that glitter and rainbows are EVERYTHING.

melliesa robles

all of them are so cute ??

obsessed kpopper


Ceeboy ForLife

Women do it better, haven’t watch it yet

Andre'sha Luper

White girl was funny


Arabs do the best makeup

pinecone wolf

Oml this is bs

Mikkniss Gems



She said model number a lol

Raya Ann

They need James Charles in here

Dan Yarger


Noel Jicha

She was so salty ?????

Gabriel Aderre

I tried doing my big sister's make-up a while back when we were partying. She looked crazy as Hell! Lol

Matthew Gillispie

Round 3: Someone needs to let sis know that makeup is FUCKED UP.

Malcolm Shaw

Why do he know so much about this makeup shit?

XTyra X


Sean Anderson

Model number A


I feel like they always try and make the stereotypes true

Avery Walker


fs comps

none of the judges know makeup lmao


"It was just enough avant not too much guard" I'm deaaaaad


James Charles is a perfect example <3

Kendall Johnson

"point blank period i knew i was gonna won" lmao

Devin Peirce

Why was this degenerate crap in my suggestions ?

Sandra Vyhnalikova

B was much better in all cases! thats how makeup artists works,not trows glitters on face and horible contour like these days!


I liked A,A & B

abraham garcia

I wanted to slide a fork on there face

Nazli Aydin

But like... why put someone with 6 years of experience against someone with 20?

Danny Groening

I am boy and I don't know how to start

Nana Channel


Jared McIntyre

Why are the models eyes so damn close together it looks fucked

obsessed kpopper


Yasmine Hmmm

She’s the real winner since she did flatter each model, created the most wearable and timeless looks. The guy the same made looks I see all over American social media.

How did they hype up model B for the second round knowing that it’s a great touch of a Smokey eye without it being full glam etc, yet the said the least about A positive smh.

paisly moreno




Tishmonike Massey

I loved artist b work...artist a makeup was way too caked...

Farah Exaus

kevonstage knows so much about makeup lmaaooo i love that

Seni Mya

How the hell he kno so much bout makeup ?


Didn’t know that your sexuality depended on your skills of makeup use.

Michaela Laird

the last 2 girls look like lady gaga and zendaya kinda thats my first thought when i clicked the video

Ema Medeiros

Super mad James wasn’t on here


She was saltyyyyy


Okay but those looks weren’t that crazy like if you’re going avant-garde you gotta go all out

Noah Salafranca

Kev, why u know so much bout this

Claire Heimbigner

The woman makeup artist is beautiful ??

Maksi Liame

Shimmer, not glitter. Cos if you know makeup you know they're 2 different things.


That lady just can’t do makeup

obsessed kpopper



4:34 bitch look like rafiki

bribrigacha beaz

Were james Charles at THO

Purple Cheese

Shout out to Kevin for killing toxic masculinity

Bonnie Cherine

It’s not about being straight or not it’s about being more experienced

Lacey Mann

Wtf is wrong with model A makeup at 5:40 poor girl ??

Teddy Jones

meg back at it again with them shoulders

Milky . Nae


It’s Kendall

all these were trash ..


Where’s James Charles..



Ronald Barber

yo she said model number A lol!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so done 3:58


No. I think Drag Queens and makeup artists who happen to be Gay are in particular good at applying makeup, I think that's stereotypical to think that ALL of them do, they dont. ;)

DDtv Tv

Model A looks like Seven off of Bad Girls Club

Quincy Marie

The third look looks like a child used watercolors to paint her face. It is definitely different but not a fan.

brendon rookes

wow um u kinda just took every stero type of a male make up artist n put a lil bow around it

abraham garcia

I wanted to slide a fork on there face

Adriana Skye

Where was James Charles for this video? ?


sister shook

Mani H

“They gone have men and makeup, what y’all gone have?” Periods. Just periods Kev. ???


I voted "a" for the natural look even though I thought "b" looked more natural by colors but it looked a little caked up to me. The other two rounds was an "a" vote from me. The female makeup artist was the clear winner to me.

Tom Tord

When they said glitter I was triggered




It depends on who the person is, how they learned and how long they've been doing it though...

(Not always, don't get TRIGERED)

Quincy Sirko

They weren’t that good, like look at James Charles. He is a lot better. I don’t want to be rude, I really don’t.....


meg scoop sooo damn fine

Loraine Burrell

"Model number A"

Pete P

That goes to show you it don’t matter how long you been doing make up, it just how good u are

shoo fly


Rich W.

A was avantgarbage.

Madison Blackman

model a on the last look is literally rainbow fish... conspiracy??


B's were more suited for pictures; A's were more geared towards video.

Amber Martinez

I don't think any of these looked good tbh...

Wendy Deleon

Megan look different in a tank top I feel like I’ve never seen her arms before

Вера! Надежда! Любовь! Родители вместе!

Что это за хня....

Knowledge Is Key

will smith needs makeup? I thought he was au natural

Yeetle My Beetle

this is slightly homophobic and very stereotypical


They should've gotten muas that had the same experience

Klein Calvin

The lady used this vid as an opportunity to advertise in the beginning ?

WHY are there no openly gay men in top football?

WHY are there no openly gay men in top football?15 May. 2020
23 037
DW Kick off!Subscribe 438 721

Openly homosexual men in

Openly homosexual men in football are a rarity. It has been 30 years since Englishman Justin Fashanu came out during his career. Since then only a handful of players have felt able to say they are gay while still playing. Why? And how is it that the world of professional men‘s football is so different to society as a whole? What are the reasons? France World Cup winner Olivier Giroud says: “There is a lot of testosterone in the locker room, rooming together, collective showers. It’s tricky.” But how “tricky“ is it really? Kick off! reporter Sebastian Saam goes in search of the answers - from the past, the present and the future. #idahobit2020

Report by Sebastian Saam & Marc Friedrich

Camera: Constantin Stüve

Editing: David "Dave" Jacobi

▸ subscribe:

▸ help us create subtitles:

▸ our channel:

More football stories here:




Comments (68)
Simon Kaggwa Njala

Why are you geh?


God I love this channel

Sammy Hamawi

The best Lebanese player was born on Sierra leone


Zlatan is fire ?????

Ismail Ahmed

Go to hell! ??Yu r the same pple who are against nature

Maximilian von Felten

good that you talk about it

ItsArian! !

I dont see this content is necessary.

Cameron Shirley

There are gays in multiple different lower level professional teams around europe but there stories are no public knowlegde as they have no sale with the media. Its in there interest to keep men men and not feminise the game. Much like what the video says about footballers promoting themselves as manly men or men wont buy their products. Men might switch off all together. which is obviously retarded. DW my new favour news and sports provider! All these mini docs are top banana!


1:49 nooooooo

I chances are lower than ever ???

Barnaby Kariuki

I personally don't think homosexuality is still anywhere near close to becoming normalised in male sports, not just football, as sports is still seen as something where people want to see "true masculinity" of their male athletes. And when an athlete comes out as being abnormal from the rest of the typical male stating publicly he is gay, it doesn't quite register in people's heads that a male sports athlete could possibly be homosexual. But I do think there's a lot more homosexual footballers about than we currently think, they just haven't come out


"NBA Stars Jason Collins and Derrick Gordon"

I have no idea who these "STARS" are and I've been closely following the NBA for years.
It is still taboo in the NBA, let nobody tell you otherwise.


lol u act like homosexuality is completely normal in other big sports/leagues like nfl nba etc.. it is NOT

Diogo Costa

What does testosterone gotta do with homophobia? What a load of crap


Footballers can keep their bedroom habits to themselves. We don't want to make it a sociopolitical thing in football. Just shut up and kick


jack grealish totally gay.. just check his Instagram

The Ghost

This channel deserves 1 Million subscribers. This was a great video keep it up.

Sheikh Mosheul Akbar

So u have a problem With Footballers not being gay..?Come On....Man..Ur gay Its Alright..Dont Push It On oThers Ffs

Woolfie 90

I don't have problems with gays but then it becomes a problem when they push their agenda unto straight folks.

Irfan muhammed

trying to be pro footballer , u should know that u have to be a real man and be tough or go home .

Asheru 92

Stop the agenda and play football


Maryland is pronounced as "marelind"

Aavash Dahal

what a report by this channel ...real hidden truth of football

Kuro Azrem

I'm pretty sure Cristiano Ronaldo and Beckamp are secretly gay.

The person I'm replying to is sexy af,

Maybe they're just not gay?

Mister Police

Sterling is definitely sus we can all agree on that


i'll be honest. eventho i had alot of religous shit at school when i was younger, i live in a country where it's normal. it's not my thing. but hey. be happy with who ever you want. i couldn't care less, if it's a player. a nephew or the fucking guy 3 streets down. as long as they are happy. show the best they have and give it them all when it's needed.

John Ferreira

I don't care doesn't bother me I know I'm not gay so if there gay they are gay life goes on.

Floyed Denver

Ugandan Interviewer “why ru gaay?” Wow this is a very intolerant DW!!! What Gays can’t have testosterone!?!

kliment genovski

This is what i don't like about modern world in everything is involved gay rights racism interracial couples where is my rights don't wanting to be "entertained" with this stuff..

MastiKhor Boy

I support this channel.

Xocoyotzin Vázquez

Olivier meant, by his comments, that behaving gay leads to being ostracised, even straight guys deamed "weak" gets a lot of bullying in young academies bc of the "testosterone" myth. Perhaps a strong personality is to overcome such things.

Marlon Foster

Nasty people

Tawana Kashonga

its the last holy thing in football

Dimitris Ioannou

If a player of the team I support came out of the closet, I couldn’t care less. I would care about him giving his all in training and in games. Now, if I were a player and a teammate of mine turned out to be gay, things wouldn’t change on the field, we would still hug and everything while celebrating a goal, but I have to admit that things in the shower would be awkward. Then again, I guess they would be awkward only at the beginning. My guess is, using humour to… diffuse the awkwardness, would help make it less and less awkward. Having written all that, if I were a gay player I don’t think I would find the balls to come out. Deep down I’m sort of… relieved to be straight, seeing how gays are treated in many parts of the world.

NutriLane_Neyaz Ahmed

Even if messi were gay, I'd stop supporting him


I remember in English football because it was such a sport of the uneducated working class, they used to call Graeme Le Saux and Sol Campbell gay just because they read broadsheet newspapers and were intelligent well spoken English players. I remember seeing Sol Campbell in a London nightclub and I the blonde model he was French kissing he is not gay lol.

Zubair Rahman

Homophobe rise

Viking Prank

Testosterone in the locker room? Misleading title, I wanted to watch a video about gearing up!

Zubair Rahman

Coach did good job on calling to that unknown dead black man


Or maybe gay men aren't interested in becoming football players, or not many become so big that people might care.

Zubair Rahman

Race is natural but orientation is not. Deluded love


There are genuine gays as well as not so genuine gays. Genuine or not, gay or not, there are fame mongers. Do you see any in this video?

Homer J. Simpson

I don't give a rat's arse about who players of any sport and any gender like to bone in their spare time.

Tore Rønning

Martha and Thorpe gay? Today i learned something new, thanks

Ramin Ghafarian

Misleading picture. I thought it was about steroids

Our Resident Cockney

Does it really matter though? Couldn't give a shit what players are trying to sell or what clothes they wear or who they are sleeping with. Football should be about football and not some subject irrelevant to the game at hand. Now I ain't having a go at anyone, let me make that clear. All I am saying is all that should matter is that the team performs to the best of their abilities and that they fight or the badge on their chest.


Biology. There are far fewer male gay athletes that you'd expect by chance.

A Brief Introduction

Come on in todays world you see only one race face racism.

Lokesh Jyotula

lack of empathy I think.

Artur S.

It's just about time to forcefully homosexualize football. No free choice, everything has to comply to to the same ideology.

Juan G

Jesus.. just stop looking for victims to protect please...

Ronaldo Richards

What is the point of this video? do u want to see more gays in football??


Inducted into the hall of fame for what? He won fuck all and on top of he fled the US while accused of abusing a 17 year old!!

Jerry Ang

Why does it matter what sexual orientation a player has? Why do people want footballers to come out gay? One's sexual orientation has no relevance to their ability to do his job well. People don't watch football because players are straight or gay. They watch football for football.
So yea. Let the players be. Nobody should be pressured to announce their sexuality to the world.

Faris Rahadian

Giroud statement doesnt meant his a denial,he just dont wanna gave a spotlight to this homosexual. Come on thats not normal even for the new normal


Does it matter?

Ayur Bhatta

This is why I love this channel. No other football channels have such variety in their topics! ?


Giroud has openly supported the LGBT community, not really a homophobe...


I think people should be free to come out whenever they like or if they ever want to. And they should not be forced just because it is convenient. Let people have their freedom to their personal life. Football will stay football regardless of players being gay or not. Please stop forcing it.

Bernardo Padilla Baez

i don’t know about you guys, but i don’t want a teammate like this ??‍♂️

Zubair Rahman

Homophobe rise

Shakibul Hasan

you are advocating a d hole that sexually assaulted 17 year boy

Ronin Raphael

Could have mentioned Phuti Lekolane of ?? amongst active Gay players. Not only white players are currently active, representation is necessary!

Jac Turner

I came out as bisexual at the age of 15. At the time I was still playing for a team and I told them all over text in a group chat. Only one of my teammates had any sort of issue with it, but he was quickly told off by the managers at the next training session. They said "If anyone in this team has any issues regarding anyone's sexual orientation then they will be removed and never play with u again. After what we have been told, this player will be spoken to in private discussing his actions and will be given their final warning." Then they took me to one side and told me that they had my back and they know who it is that caused issues, and they'll do whatever I wanted them to do. All I asked for was an apology and I got it. No one batted an eye and it was the year we won our first trophy. Everyone hugged everyone. We all made jokes, we all acted a little gay sometimes cause that's what me and my best mates do. It's been almost 2 years since I came out, I now identify as gay, but I haven't kicked a ball for a team in over a year. No one cared because I was considered to be "the best" on the team despite the fact I'm no good with fancy footwork etc. and as long as I didn't play any different they were more than supportive. Due to the amount of support I got from all of them, I now have lifelong friends and some that I consider brothers. I have also gained another family (close mates parents who have been there for me when my parents couldn't) and I'm eternally grateful for that. I know it's not the same for every player and I got very lucky. But despite my own team supporting me, the others targetted me and took the mick out of me. But, that just made me tackle them 100 times harder. I do plan on getting back into football through my schools' team. Most of the players already know and well, they don't care, if they did the school would be down their throats about it as it's a very progressive school. So yeah, I think that this video has made me realise just how lucky I was to have a supportive team. Yes, I might not play professionally or ever play professionally, however, I'm not going to hide who I am. I haven't been called a poof or a fairy or anything along those lines but the f slur and Gaylord were very prominent. Also should mention, from the UK. Thanks for reading I guess?

Ahmet Dagdelen

Answer is simple. Gays dont like football
Still saying %100 of football players are not gay! sounds not logic but i relly think it must be very few. From young team to professional career, From streets to school, ı dont think there is a suitable team enveriment for a gay to exist.

Lawrence M.

Neymar is really suspect though... ?


Ok. Sure. But y’all forgot about the interview that Mario Gomez gave. And his take on homosexuality in the game. I mean if you’re going to highlight positivity like that of the mls and the armbands. Why not take quotes from a World Cup winner? Just saying.

Diogenes o Sinopeus

Dude it amazes me that you answer every single comment, but there's a big stigma in sport that would probably need a someone like Håland or De Jong to come out so they "lead" other LGBTQ players, this will sadly take some time