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Ex-Men: Magneto

Ex-Men: Magneto23 May. 2014
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Professor X tries to fire

Professor X tries to fire his arch nemesis Magneto. Feat. Rob Huebel. Watch our behind the scenes video here:

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Comments (100)
Jack P.

Ron Huebels the funniest mother effer alive

Michael Emory

I thought his name was pronounced
mag-NET-o for years. My mistake!


That "White Steve Harvey" joke almost got him.


2:18. While Professor X is a Telepath. Technically Professor X does not use Telekinesis or PK.

And while there is precedent for Charles use of Telekinetic ability.

It is only due to the writers misunderstanding of the professor Charles Xavier character.

Which is why there is any example at all.

And all examples are very low level.

So even if he technically did have Telekinesis. He could not lift an aircraft carrier.

I think you're thinking of Jean Gray the Phoenix or magneto himself.!

Adam Rodgers

Umm actually Xavier doesn't have telekinesis lol

Foo Farew

Half Magneto’s insults were about Prof X being a bald 70 y/o haha


This is DEFINITELY my favorite episode in this series. ?

Nate Mbugua

The best one yet..white Steve Harvey ???

Jinja Ninja

Magneto killed it

Nathan Glass

The magneto costume is better than the first movie one ?

Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

The "... you fucking refrigerator." line... had me rolling for a solid minute! ???????


Pete should do a video on Kevin Feige. Dude looks exactly like him?


just want to point out that Professor x does not have telekinesis but telepathy..... can can not control objects with his mind only people.....

Darrell Barnes

Snaps were on point


Xavier doesn’t have telekinesis. But other than that, this series was funny and I enjoyed it.

Stewart Louie


That Trucker

He could call himself Psycho ?


so he couldn't fired Magnito.

Inner Thoughts

You can not tell me the camera crew was laughing their asses off at the white Steve Harvey joke ?????


Pete should do a dr.Evil one

Azazel Azure

Let's not forget magneto can remove the magnetic field from earth and destroy the planet on a whim

John, James Leahy

I know this is old but id like to see more adventures of these two together


his name is eric, isnt it?

Ariel Roman

You look like a tool to determine baby's gender..holly fuck!


Pete Holmes looks exactly like Kevin Feige. He should make a video skit about him making fun of DC

Just some Guy without a decent Mustache

when did x get telekinesis

Captain Munch

Xavier cannot levitate things with his mind

Sheikh U

I like how his Xavier is delusional and thinks he actually has telekinesis ?

Bird Bonito

“ You fucking Refrigerator “

Pablo Morello

proffesor x doesnt have telekinetic powers

Jeff Mclearen

You fuqqin refrigerator ????

Leo K.

I like to imagine they have these "fights" on a weekly basis and after they're both like "this is stupid" they just sorta break out into laughter with each other. Basically an overall wholesome friendship which goes to show that you don't need to agree on anything in order to get along with someone.

Dishy Lemon

Oh shit! You can't recover from that last burn 'Neto!

Lady Day

I love Magneto I want to Bone him...

Shaun Brehm

Unless something changed recently... Charles Xavier never had any form of telekinesis. :P

sean laRiviere

LOL this back and forth is hilarious

Osman Shah

This is the best one

Lucas J Lehmann

You think this is what it's like every time God and the Devil meet up?

Saurabh Singh

Sometimes magneto is looking like Keanu reeves.

Taurin Cochran

Umm... Professor X is not telekinetic. He only controls minds,not matter.

Jeremiah Marauder

Well to be fair Wolverine originally was made of bones and his only true Mutant power is healing which is the most important ability to have in a team.

Owens Lamansa

When he was saying Charles I just kept thinking of lamas with hats

Makarov Fox

and charles died the end


Probably the best back and forth.

Noah Hill

A white Steve Harvey lmao

12thdegree ninja

Um, Professor X can't lift shit with his mind. He's a telepath not a telekinetic.

Gennaro Pacchiano

Is no one gonna mention how badass that Magneto costume is?


Professor x talks a lot for someone magneto can just leave on a hill and let roll to his death XD

SlayThat Pussy

Lmfao Mind-O


These accents ?


I see who is the bad guy at heart........


I guess Professor X is just done with the whole super hero thing. Insult Comedian could be a neat career.

Hope Production

This sums up my thoughts one the whole MCU. Childish crap.

Victor Oh

The real psychological warfare

Sid Roberts

"I can levitate a goddamn aircraft carrier with the power of my mind"....No Charles, no you cannot. You have telepathy, not telekinesis. So many people get that wrong and it is obvious they don't actually know the character.

Daniel Cross

I love how the Ex-Men video between Charles and Magneto is the pettiest of them all!!!!?????

louis wilson

Professor X has telekinesis?

frozenlake 121

Daniel Holland

Pete Holmes is so underrated it's a travesty

Brent Dodge

This makes me wish xmen movies were fought with words instead of powers lmfao

Vince A

Where do these people get all these costumes at damn

Reverend BlueJeans

Glad he won

ANBU TommyGunz

Magneto and Wolverine are the coolest mutants ever


Max? Isn't magneto called Eric?

Alex Papa

Kinda late to the party but i wonder why they didn't make the joke "You look like Dr. Evil had a terrible car accident. Which is weird considering you have "psychic" powers"

insert name here

Oooof, that guys is a real piece of shit. He needs to take a walk become things get hairy. PFFTHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Old School

"Ring the bell"?

Shauna Ham

Wanna like this but my inner nerd is overpowering that because you messed up Charles powers lol

antonio girgenti

Fake cough Nerd.

Gr8pez Gaming

best one by far lol


I like how its xmen but they say funny jokes that xmen wouldnt say cuz xmen arent funny but these xmen are. Look out not funny xmen here cums funny xmen.

Guyver Jay

Xavier doesnt have TK

KC Jimbob-Omb

I think this one has to be my favorite.

Phoenix 03

"You f*cking refrigerator". Lol


I have been watching these and wondering... Where have I seen the guy playing Xavier before? "You look like a white Steve Harvey"
THAT"S WHERE! That's the one

antonio girgenti

"You f***ing refrigerator."

Derek Magruther

So im not nearly as into x men as Holmes and his writers clearly are so I could be wrong. But I thought professor x powers were purely telepathic. Isn't that what makes Jean so special that she's also telekinetic

Hunter Grant

"This helmet is ingenious it prevents you from reading my thoughts!" -Magneto

"And does the cape do that as well? Or do you just like looking like a live action roleplaying nerd?"-Prof. X

Eddy Doescher

Children's Dentist N ? this is still gold


Better than all the movies

Wages of Sinn

Ok, so Prof. X doesn't have telekinesis. He's a telepath which means he can read and control people's minds. That's all. Secondly, Magneto has power over magnetism which means he controls one of the 4 fundamental forces of reality. I don't even understand enough science to begin to imagine what would happen if he just turned off electromangetism for any amount of time.

justin tabernacki

Big flaw charles couldn't make magneto do any of that with his helmet on.

sean laRiviere

EX-men lol

as I people that used to be men


Webber 56789

Magneto is an Omega level mutant

Sack Uchiha

Lk seriously bro he doesn't have telekenisis

Annie Vasari

i saved this for last.... ?????... i love magneto...the last part ?????????????????????????????????

Pravin Tehanguria

neeto ? people like that ?

Michael Phiveson

The secret origin of Onslaught.

Trexpelia Helvetios

Now i know the reason why Ultimate Magneto killed Charles and goes insane bringing ultimatum.

Stevie Builds

X's long burn about not flaunting his powers was bad ass and cuts deep into magneto's psyche.

Chad Mangum

Gravelord magnetto

James Burk

You know who you should fire?
Whose that?
Your stylist.



This video is yet more proof that Magneto actually is the perfect villain for X. "White Steve Harvey."


I don’t think that Xavier has very strong telekinetic abilities

Johnny Cox

His name is Erick Charles Exaver


Dec 2020 still funny as hell ????


Xavier can't move things with his mind. Only read and influence other people's minds.

Sean Volk





"You look like a Spartan who's REALLLY into Madonna!"

dead xD

Ex-Men: Angel

Ex-Men: Angel13 Nov. 2013
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Pete HolmesSubscribe 438 721

Professor X fires another

Professor X fires another one of the X-Men.

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Comments (100)

Bald move for a man that can't even walk mock a man that can fly

Kaden Schaffer

Actually angel has super strength and his wings are very durable

Seth Bird

Bird person ?

Christofer Brock

The Big Bang Theory audience has some timeshare with this episode.

Jacob Gorham

Tf is up with this laugh track

Sew Sumi

He is absolutely going to find a shit on his car........

Thus Spoke Hekate

I thought this was Ex Men: men who previously topped the professor

Rod Alexander

Well if we're gonna get nerdy and technical, Angel's abilities are a bit more than just "I have wings and hollow bones like a bird."

He's also virtually devoid of any body fat, with a much greater proportionate muscle mass than any human. His eyes can withstand extreme high-speed winds, he can extract air at super-high velocities, and his respiratory functions allow him to physically exert his superhuman strength for several hours. He has super-high-accelerated self-healing, and can heal others in the same time frame as himself with his blood, provided they have the same blood type.

After his transformation by the Celestial Life Seed, he displayed the abilities of firing energy blasts, "seeing" the "true essence" of anyone he looked at, and raising the dead. He's an incredibly skilled aerial hand-to-hand combat artist, and he's a phenomenal businessman who's rich as f*ck.


A laugh track?

Vonetta Spencer

Yo I got tears in my eyes. How am I just hearing about these.

Patrick D

oh god the laugh track

Triston Perry

If my boss was this much of a asshole I kick his ass I don’t take shit from no one

Christofer Brock

Even the thumbnail has an unnecessary laugh track.

Vincent Lyu

so what is the word?

Lady Day

Why dose this guy think it's funny to Insult the X men? He should be careful one wrong move and he could be history. sabertooth or juggernaut would kill him

Jonathan Georgiades

It’s Sweet Dee!


To be fair. Some iterations of angel have weaponized feathers and others have him have like super healing powers. Like legitimately bring back someone from the dead style.

Imaginative Monkey

I really wish there was a finale in which, all the fired folks come together and bit the shit out of him! :D

Dick Brazen

Angel was always one of the worst and they went all in on him. Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?


when are people gunna realize that it wasn't a laugh track and it was conan's talk show audience...the episode was featured ya haters

Michael Day

Every It’s Always Sunny Episode with Dee

That Main619

This was probably one of the best ones he never called him by his name we just kept calling him a bird

Fabian Grasser

Damn he is batman

Rosenwell O'Patrick

Anyone know who this other actor is? I feel like that kind of credit should be posted in the description for such a big role

NinjaNuggets brozhaf


Chris Wyatt

Ah thanks for the laugh track. Didn't know when to laugh otherwise


Angel ain't never been shit.

Darian Willis

Bryan Callen?

Alex Gia

have you guys heard about the word?

Jesse A

This was a genuinely funny episode. Probably one of the funniest written ones. IT DIDN'T NEED A FUCKING LAUGH TRACK!

Nate Carlyle

Profeser x would get his shit kicked in

Davey Robinson

That laugh track ruined everything.

Quang Anh Trịnh

Anyone notice that Charles saids he has a car?

Sassy The Sasquatch

lets be honest if it wasnt for him becoming arch angel he would have been better as a male model

antonio girgenti


michael armecin

"Maybe if I peck at these...ahhk ahhk.. Green peace help!"

Ankit Kshatriya

bird bird bird....bird's the word.

M Fernando

His blood can heal others

Eduardo Viajero

Love the last punchline! Bravo!

Old School

The laugh track was unnessecary


This is why arch angel is way better

Jack Hadlock

Please remove the LAUGH TRACK

Adam 420

Am I the only one who didn't mind the laugh track? I'm going to answer my own question as yes because I bet that's the answer

Dylan thomas

Ya if you stop and think about it a lot of the x men’s powers really arn’t practical I an emergency situations

sars101 sars101

Your people

No Biden

Surprisingly LAME!

Tyler gnosis


Shivam Kr. Sharma


Kallus Garnet

LOL ????????????????

jay antonio

this hero cant be taken seriously lol

Nick Garvin

A fucking laugh track? What year is it? No wonder his shit ass show got cancelled.

Alvaro Rivas

To be fair, Apocalypse later turns him into someone useful.

AnalogSis At Sunrise

These skits are funny but it always struck me as odd that Prof. X would accuse everyone else of being useless when his only gimmick is he can “melt your brain with his mind.” I mean Magneto stopped all that with a helmet. So in the end I would argue Prof. X to be the most worthless out of all of the X-Men. Just put on a special metal helmet and than any one of the X-men could take him to task. Just saying. Also the laugh track was kind of weird.

Welch Disney94

Charles just made Angel an "Angry Bird". Hope he doesn't find any green pigs ;)

Rex Imingan

Dude, no laugh track next time.




Oh my fucking god I'm so happy I found Pete again. I used to watch his videos years ago, then I stopped watching them. Then these shorts came into my recommended and I'm loving them.

Joe Rogan

That's just mean.

justin tabernacki

That dude is built.

Random Dude

Honestly, angel deserves to get fired


Changed my like to a dislike for the laugh track

It's not 1958, get rid of that shit, we're not cavemen you stupid conservative bible belt fuck

Brayden Bird

I feel attacked.

tom peled

The back laughter is HORRIBLE!!

last raven85

He was technically grandfathered in as the original team none of them could fly

Jorge Hudorovich

You just fly hahaha

Jhezryl Gundran

Angel: pushes Charles off wheel chair Hey professor X, know what else I can do other than fly? Use my legs.

Na'eem Starke

I really think professor should get the real X men from the X men films.

tom peled

Is it the same actor?

Reginald Fluffington

Fucking genius

Webber 56789

I kinda agree, Angel is such a useless mutant


my doctor said I must watch these twice a year, at least, for mental health


Should come back when he's Archangel lul

Bill Owen

The funny thing is that angel is actually an omega level mutant

John Gallagher

This would have been 50x funnier without the damned laugh track. Whoever's idea that was is fucking fired


Audience: Pet you Fired
Pete: Why?
Audience: Laugh track

Ice Cold

Every time I watch x men pitch meeting screen rant videos these pop up

Tempo Dork

Apparently Professor X didn't hear that the bird is the word....

Captain OverThinker

Proof that laugh tracks arent funny

Soul of Ash

The laugh track needs to be the next one Professor X fires. That's some bullshit right there. Flips bird

Jason Tesar

Laugh track was fucking annoying!

Charismatic Nerd

Funny... yet it actually made me feel sorry for him



Kyle Amoroso

Is that the Tetris God from CollegeHumor?

leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

bruh the whole thing was him just callin him a bird

James Burk

The canned laughter is as lame as Angel is.

Tanner the banana

Everybody’s heard that the bird is the word!

Jesse Rothhammer



The fuck is with the laugh track? Is this a shitty sitcom from the 90’s?


Sometimes I just feel the urge to open this video and hear Pete screaming BIRDDDD


Personally, I enjoyed the laugh track

Grizzly Bear

I know it's been 7 years since these came out but can you please do one for Beast, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Colossus and Mystique?

For The Love Of Fitness


Michael Dougherty

The thumbnail made me think it was Gilbert Godfrey playing Prof. X. Now THAT would be amazing!

Michael Wallace

Line piece!!!

Wolong Gong

To everyone posting. The laugh track was needed for this one because it was basically one joke on repeat. Bird. And that is not funny so we needed to be told other "people" were laughing to try to trick us into liking it.

Erin Sullivan


Desmond Brown

It was like 1/3 Eric Andre energy ??


Give him a sniper and you have a snipping bird

Iroc Life

Subscribed ?

Dominick Augusto

You fucking bird lmao

Ex-Men: Rogue

Ex-Men: Rogue4 Dec. 2013
4 353 342
Pete HolmesSubscribe 438 721

Rogue's affectionate

Rogue's affectionate nature is a liability to the X-Men. More Pete and Crew @

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Comments (100)
Coyote Style Pro

Chi Vamps FTW

brycey spiceywiener

my honey lips

Ryfeal Davis

Wish time how long does this last ?! Lol besides that rogue can get it

Chi Sasa

How come every Rouge Actress casted is Ugly asf?

Steve Lucky

I thought this was supposed to be Prof X not vandal Savage.

Wages of Sinn

Rogue literally has any power that they come across. Not only does she take out anyone with a touch, but can then use their powers to fight whatever allies they have. She's quite literally a god of having any superpower she chooses.


ok so we know if she touches you or kisses you you die, BUT what about sex? i mean do her powers work through her vagina? .......asking for a friend........SHE is really into Rogue

Unknown YouTuber

If Rogue touched me, the only power she'd absorbe is the power of depression

how do i do things

Please make prof. Snape parody ?????????????

Joe Ahmed

im sure he was dirty batman from collegehumor

The Trax

Something tells me Pete is a narcissist.

Nathalia Green

Hey! I love Bonnie Raitt! Though the resemblance is uncanny

Super Saiyan God 3

“High Five! JK it would kill me.”
Actually it wouldn’t. She is wearing her gloves. So her skin wouldn’t touch his skin.

Raphael Reine

"Don't worry, I'm sure you can get work as a Bonnie Raitt look-a-like at the opening of a shoe store in the mall."

topol m

When he impersonated her,he sounded like Towelie

Manuel da Costa

Can't touch people! Sounds like 2020!


insulting the x-men is not funny. i did not laugh at any time i was watching all the skits not one was funny. no offence intended just stating my opinion.

Michael Song

As Cracked once put it, "Your school sucks, you crippled bald f*ck."

Brian King

Bonnie raitt look-alike haha


It's Christmas ?

Yakup Akgül

Pete Holmes has a little Anthony Jeselnik in his brain that just wanna make crude jokes and roast everyone around

Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε

Professor X has lost his mind!

William Mullens

Whos the actress again? I cant remember where ive seen her


This was the best one I’ve seen so far!?

GreenLeaf Creations

She can kill you with a handie

stephen rose

It would be worth it to be put in the coma to have her kiss me.

Richard Lamarre


Mayank Sangam

What a coincidence. It's Christmas today.

Brandon Foley

Rogue should of been the first one to go

Meda Anhil

I guess with Charles powers he could've just ended everything himself. He can kill everyone with his mind.

Andrew Smith

"and I wish I could walk"

Reggie's Home Videos

"I can kill you with my mind"?

Kid Neves

“You wear like sexy boots and strut around” ????


This one makes me sad though cause rouge is such a tormented character


This guy is family guy funny ?

Sha M

Hi 5....JK it would Kill me???


Who else would risk it just to get to nut?

Bernie Gran

its ok to have rogue around , just use a condom and its fine

Christopher Hager

We should be thankful Rouge isnt a villain.


Now we're all rouge

antonio girgenti

Rogue can't touch anybody! She's Covid 19!!! KILL HER!!!

Levi G


The Chimichanga

As funny as I found this, I just wanna say, I'm finally glad Rogue in the more recent comics can control her power. Unlike a certain someone...
Glares at Cyclops, who has been around longer than Rogue

James Summers



Also roge wears gloves and makes sure not to touch people. you are just being a douchbag by doing this crap.


Insurance is throu the roof.
Dude should sell the mansion, Real estate tax is also bonkers.

Ramon Hernandez

Why is this show so underated??

Eduardo Viajero

Recommendations definitely improved this month. Finally less of shirtless man on videos.

Daven Hiskey

Bonnie Raitt, soooo true thought that as a kid watching sat morn cartoons

dOOmer _


Kid Neves

“High five , jk it would kill me” ??? yooo

noah bisesi

I would love to see you guys try to do this with Maverick.

Sentrike Gaming

What’s the name of the person playing rogue?


"I can't have people dieing just because your lonely"

I need this t shirt. Lol.

mark bradley

My god he is a DICK!!!

Tim V110

why isn't this publicly advertised?? its amazing hahahaha


She just needs therapy to control her power

Meda Anhil

So who hasn't he fired from the X-Men?

Jesse Petrone

OMG these are great

Sean Volk


Conor Mitchell

Lol, 2013 and this is a great conversation on consent


Him doing an impression of her was the best. Haha

Topher Crow

"is it wish time? how long does this go?" fucking killed me


"You can't touching people" Damn, the HR for the Ex-Men doesn't kid around


"Hi five.. Jk it would kill me" ?????

Jimmy Hu

Well Rogue, this is never easy... but I'm shitcanning you!




I love the business gags ?? “insurance is through the roof”

Steven Billard

So this explains why the X-Men broke up

Vance Bocas

Savage, just savage. lol.

Darin Wagner

Who played Rogue here?


..hehe..willow tree...??

Steven Bazinet

WHEN are we going to get more of this HILARIOUS series? Do Colossus and Bishop next!

D foster


Nick Clements

The "is it wish time?" bit gets me every time ??

eat your heart with a spoon

He sounded like Herbert ?

Fatih Silmy

Woww..cant believe I just found this gem


Pete, you are just too good, seriously lifted my bad mood.

Dr Mist

Anyone else think she Is gorgeous, but only with the white streak in her hair, don’t know why but that really sings to me ?


I'd like a Rogue movie, she's my fav X Woman

Tammy Forbes

I think Rogue in the real movie is a hottie! Always been a fan of hers that little gap in her teeth just makes her look unique and beautiful!

Nolan Saulnier

Nothing like these gems in your recommended.

Damien Heaft

very good

Tommy Vercetti

0:44 very accurate in 2020


Actually, Rogue's got almost no "southern charm" here... like... at all


It would be amazing to see the actual cast do these sketches

Storytime Alec

1:57 is me

James Guy Photography



For one second i thought that was Kat Dennings.

cheesecake 1

okay, there this thing called a mutant inhibitor collar if your lonely slap it on you'll get headaches but... you can touch people so problem solved. Also, the professor is a billionaire so he just wants her out.

Dan W

The most powerful character in the Marvel universe is Rogue.


Legitimately funny, and the impersonations were pretty good!

Rory Ross

That Bonnie Rait look-alike joke was a Savage burn!

Annie Vasari

now i forgot how the actors that played as prof x looked like...hes all i remember now... plus...this is soooo

Jae P

“whoops, you’re dead! right, that’s it.. how do i keep forgetting that?” ??

al videos

Hey, someone who steals powers is like the BEST power.


“You can’t touch people! Stop it!” 2020 in a nutshell.

Mark Wilson

Unda the willow tree

Rocky Dee

unlike jean he wants to fire her cause she cant fck her

David C

2 funny