Should you date your best friend


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Dating your best friend

Dating your best friend may seem like a scary thing, and there are lots pros and cons for turning your friendship into a relationship.

Here's my two cents on the subject, hopefully my little piece of advice can help you and either gives you an awesome new relationship with your best friend or makes your friend even stronger! :)

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Comments (61)
Izzahrania S

Hello, I hope someone will reply to my comment. So, I date with my bestfriend... First month things was smooth and everything was okay because I stay at her home during lockdown. Then , I had to go back to my own state... So we've been doing long distance relationship... It was okay but things getting hard because we treated each other like friends. cause everytime I wanted to flirt at her, she just not showing any interested. What should I do? I love her as my friend and also my girlfriend. Things getting really tough for this year


20 likes and I’ll ask my best friend out..

Crazy Gamer

first x3

Aidan Joseph

Flipping heck Adam! I used to watch your videos ALL THE TIME about 6 years ago back when YouTube was a lot simpler. I've just recently found you again through WOWfreestuff and your advertisement for their website... what an unusual place to see your face again. Loving the new videos dude, it's really cool to see how grown up you are now! I also appreciate that you've held onto the name CrashBangAdam.. took me a minute or a two to remember it but I found it somewhere in the memory banks eventually! Count myself subscribed! Hope you're well :)

Ana-Marija Sakač

i have to mention that.. what if you say that you like him more than a friend and he says no, but you stay friends.. what if your crush on him stays? what then?


How did you get so much subscribers?

SWAT team gaming

I asked and now I'm watching this but we still friends but he know I like him because I told him.


I been friends with shawty since I was in kindergarten grew up on the same street always hung out since kindergarten been best friends for 19 years nbs but she always acted a certain way towards me but I always took it as being mean Lml like we argued and played rough as kids Lml ? but like now we older and yea she got way better looking.idk I would like her to be around forever so like that’s why I don’t know if I should express my thoughts ?

jasmine todd

Absolutely Amazing video but, what if you do end up going out with your best friend but then for some reason you break up and you loose your entire friendship?


In my own experience: Yes, you absolutely should ask your best friend out!
I had this massive crush on my best lady-friend (still do, but that's besides the point), so I asked her out. Unfortunately, though she was very flattered, she didn't feel the same way and said 'No'. So what happened afterwards? We kept on being friends -- simple as that. I was extremely anxious that things would get awkward between us, or worse that me asking her out would ruin our friendship entirely, but neither happened. Ultimately, valued each other way too much to let a rejection come between us. Things are great between us, and we continue to spend a lot of time hanging out together.
Do I wish she said 'Yes'? Like you wouldn't believe, but it's a case of "Now I know". Let me tell you, I'd rather take a mildly painful (but very gentle) "no", over the regret of not asking and never knowing.


hahaahahahha you are bloody hilarious ??


The video is very quiet, but otherwise a great video! I like this advice-stuff.

Doom metal tortoise


Eveline Lisovenko

hey um im high key dating my best friend right now but our other best friend is straight and apparently has a crush on my gf???!?? and my gf don’t wanna hurt anyone and said this was all a bad idea and I kinda wanna die :,))))


I heard that it's better to marry your best friend because you'll last or something lol idk


Nice star wars note book

Stretchkitty Unplugged

I am STUCK this gave me second thoughts, on if i should or not, because My best friend and i known each other, and hung out most of last year, and back as hanging out again. Thing is... i'm 13, he is 10... He also claims he ALREADY has a girl friend.He shows some signs of possibly liking me, and acts way more mature then most kids his age.I feel if i did tell him, we would feel awkward near each other.. OR he could be playing hard to get... Any suggestions?

norah gonzales

I actually want to date one of my best friends and they literally hold my hand... Hold my hand and he always hugs and I once had a dream....where I kissed him but like the day after he was acting awkward. And idk if he had the same reaction or had the same dream. He even told me that he literally is bi. Anyways the email I'm going to send you is gonna explain more

My email is: [email protected]


ok. so i dated my best guy friend for about a month and he said he just wants to be friends now. but, i sTiLl LiKe hIM

Sarah Tee

I agree, she should go for it!


I'm dating my best friend right now :) it's so worth it


I'm 20 and always been single but life's to short to worry about that sort of stuff to be honest :/

Hi Hello

Me and my friend also went from normal friends (not even best friends) to SMs really quickly but we aren't dating and I still dk what I should do


I love your videos. :p

Jody Strickland

Because of your video I took your advice and asked out my best friend ❤️ and since it seems like we’ve bonded even closer ❤️. Thank you for this video 11-11-18


When I was 13 years old you said we would be wed once I became an adult. Today I am 18 and waiting for my ring


Great video!
btw, is it me or is the audio on your videos pretty low?

PS: your teams need more Belgians :D

Zachary Young

Great video... very informative and engaging at the same time

The Viet Vegan

Hahaha when you shout at your cat XD "MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU" I imagine that's something I will do to all my children, fur- and non-fur humanoid alike. I always enjoy your videos. PLZ MOAR ADAM.

Kaitlyn Says hi

Holy jesus this man is adorable haha. Subscribed.

Forever Beauty

I like your energy.
Good advice.


My guy best friend and I dated for a day and then we decided not to date, because we didn't want our friendship to end. But we always act like we are dating and I kinda like him, and ik for sure he likes me. I go over to his house everyday after school and he comes over to my house as well. We've been friends since kindergarten, we are both freshmen in highschool now and the only thing keeping me from dating him his the possibility of losing our friendship if we broke up. Any Tips?


My brother's Best friend.. I like him and I don't know what to do.. Ughh

king of northumbria

Idk, I'm dating my good friend, but I'm scarded to complement her because she might think it's weird. :/


Adam...How do you get over a person you used to like? (Except for watching your videos 24/7)


Thank you for watching everyone!
Please leave a like if you liked it
And send a question to [email protected] :D

Jade Sheridan

Oh it's me hahaha! I asked him out and we've been dating for 4 months and it's his birthday today :D

Lacy b

My mom told me no because her and my dad were bestfriends and now they don't like being around each other


Aw Adam I've been gone for ages! You've grown so much and I'm so happy. And that cat is sOO FUCKING CUTE ?

kim taehyung

Omg. I have the same problem... We know each other for 10 years and we are each other's best friend for 7 years, so it's so hard to not ruin everything up.
I know she had a crush on me last year and so did I, but I don't know if she still likes me that way, because sometimes she acts like that, but I'm not sure :')
I asked her out a few days ago and she said yes, so maybe that's gonna be something

Darren Mowat

how dose your hair defy physics


My best friend likes me to but we are just scared to screw up our relationship as friends like I really like him

Drew Coggins

Going out with my crush( best friend ) for 6 years tonight:) can’t wait I’ll keep y’all updated!!

Gabby Wilson

I understand you've got a life to live outside of YouTube. But WE MISS YOU.


I’ve had feelings for my best friend for months now.My best friend and I called for 5 hours last night and it was kind of an emotional call and she said she actually had feelings for me and so I told her what I felt and now were in that stage where we’re talking but aren’t dating since were taking everything gradually just Incase it doesn’t work out.

That Girl

You are hilarious oh my gosh?


I want to know what she diiiiiid!!


and this

Grizzly's Lab

Nice, indeed ^_^

Doom metal tortoise

If your friend is truly your best friend you can easily go back to being best friends. I did it, nothings awkward and we didn't end on good terms either it ended on a yelling match.

Gundam Dan

Man this really helps but still have that little person on my shoulder sayin it's not a good idea man dont do it but then I got the other one going do it just do it

Aidan Cloud

Me and my best friend of 5 years just started dating today <3

Sunflower AJ

The thing for me is we’re both female- and she told me she’s bisexual, I am, too-

I tried hinting to it and she said,
“That’s pretty sus”

ALLDocks Kitten

“You could get an animal, We did that because we love each other”

picks up cat



Ha, I knew Kermit had something to say.


Why is everyone in the comments have a male crush and I'm questioning if I should ask out my gurl best friend lmao


Totally feel the same way. Best friends make great partners together. Better asking them than forever wondering what if.

Drew D


Igor de Hoop


Ben Aaron

Great Kermit impression.
I was friends with my wife for a very long time before we first went out.
She was my best friend and we eventually got married. We just clicked.
I think it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

bradys yeet

she has a boyfriend tho :(

10 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend

10 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend26 Jun. 2015
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The Chen DynastySubscribe 438 721

Here are 10 reasons from

Here are 10 reasons from the Guys on why you should date your best friend.


Instagram: @mikexingchen

Twitter: @mikexingchen

Vine: @mikexingchen

Snapchat: @mikeychenx


Twitter: @Danotgw

Instagram: @gibbiedeano

Comments (94)

I've always waited to hear this...isn't there a saying you marry your best friend? And then like wouldn't you get more comfortable with your best friend? Nice to finally hear your opinion on this...


All of my my friends are boys but one of my friends is a girl and she makes me mad easily. (I'm a girl)

Norman Yu


Zandria Waters

Team Dan! I love being vegan!

Christine M

Sounds like Mike just wants to date himself from his list lol


I love all of my best friends But they are to good of friends To date Anyway...My boyfriend Is Korean He Moved From Korea To america we Became Friends So I knew His Parents And They Liked Me But As soon as Soon As We started To date They pretended not to like me But They like Me now.

Misa Rose

Ive been with my other half 3 years now, prior to that we were best friends for 7yrs, we're now engaged and expecting a baby ^_^.
It either work or doesn't, its just a case of is it worth the risk, because if things dont work out you cat go back tohow it was no matter how hard you try.


The one thing guys seem to love that I would not be willing to do with them 3/4 times they ask is go hiking. I will camp, fish, chop wood, and cook over an open fire, but if it's up a hill and too far from the road...


The video cuts off early :(

tyler wilson

the thing is what if you guys broke up and you got on a fight your friendship would be ruined


I'm more like #teamdan , I like to date them then become best friends. And aw, cmon I like to stay inside for a lot of the times alone (introvert), but I also have friends and we go eat! D: But the girl Mike portrayed seemed like she didn't even want to talk/not even interested

Logan Wetterling

This is so sweet!

Dana Brighenti

If you want to date a really good friend or your best friend, just set down some ground rules. It's just like any other adult relationship.

Flat Tyler

I don't even have friends so ha

Nadiira Ali osman

well am dating my best friend so yeah and things are going great ❤❤

Lindsey Mao

Why does the video end suddenly?

karly skiba

I've been crushing on my best friend for a while, so last night I asked him out. He said he had to think about it, but today he said yes!!! ????

Jaemin Kim

Umm my best friend is a boy and I'm a boy?

May Lee

im on team mike. i agree about dating our best friend

Peradin Sinaga

Dat poop doe

Gook Gook

Throughout the whole video, I was staring at the emoji' I the only one?


this is a great discussion.

Christian Negreros

If you date you're best friend and something goes wrong and you break up it will end up being awkward and your friendship will be ruined.


#TeamMike Wheeeeeeeeee

Jessica Yew

I don't have any male best friends. Only friends. My only best friends are all girls and I don't wanna be lesbian :P lol

renn klamar

I already am dating my best friend...

Sekai Ichi

Mike I just love you, you're like my role model :D I'm just half your age but I want to be like you one day, have a nice day ^^ Greetings from Germany


I'm just not into my best friend
But other people actually ship us



Annie Wu

I am 100% team mike on dating your best friend. That is like the dream!


Is it just me, or stops the video when it shouldn't stop? Dan is still talking..

Wendy Wu

I want those emoji pillows

RainEdayWoman H.

I understand where they are both coming from but think they are viewing it from a different prespective. Dan's reluctance seems to come from a viewpoint of being already a friend with someone and making the choice to enter a relationship knowing there is am risk of losing that friendship if it does not work out. I agree wih Mike but with a slight differences. When most people marry they marry for various reasons arranged, buisness, for love, for lust, etc. We already know that 50% a marriages don't work out. But when a person marries not only the one they feel love for but that person is also their best fried their marriage has an higher chance of lasting than those who married on feeling/obligations alone. When you marry your best friend there are a lot of issues that do not arrise or not to the extent they would effect the marriage in other cases. Marriage is more difficult for those who do not view their spose as their best friend. Dan is on the right track knowing he wants a foundation of friendship to build his furture relationship on. They will be able to build a strong foundation that a possible marriage needs to last a lifetime. Dan has done this as well with his prior friendship with his current SO. No matter how a couple meets when it comesmtimemto makemthe dicision of marraige ask ypurselve ismthis person my best friend, am i marrying my best friend. If the answer is no, then rethink them relationship before going further. Also, a relationship with a foundation of friendship has more chance to remain friends post breakup than a relationship built on a superficial foundation would.

Gabriela PankyGreen

im dating with my best friend for 2 years :) I know him since we had 5 years and still dont quite know him

Iwaoi is the deep throat of me

//when your a girl and your bestie is a girl//


I don't have a best friend

Tsukuyomi Otsutsuki

i swear mike looks like jackie chan idk why.

James Durant

I'd do anything for my best friend but I don't think she like me like that so I'm just here chillin now


I'm #TeamDan  on this one! I like the mistery of dating someone you don't know and "discovering them" :). In my country it's more common to first be friends, it's a cultural thing. Guys don't normally ask out girls unless they've known them for a while, and girls don't ask guys out unless they already have a big crush on them xD, 

Keep up the videos guys, you're my favourite youtubers :D <3

Cassandra Leigh

Honestly, dating your best friend can be an amazing thing. You really know them as a person and can communicate with them easily. I was best friends with my boyfriend for over 3 years before we actually started dating and it's been amazing since.

Rose Sands

hahaha the emoji pillows are awesome

Joan Crayford

But that's where I think differently? I don't tell my best friend everything. On the other hand I tell my boyfriend everything. Isn't that the concept of a partner ? The person you confide in and trust with everything ...I don't have that with my best friend ?

D_ Peaches

The 3 most importent things for me are knowing the future goals of eachother that will make you both going in the same direction.. Huge dealbrakers. It might be fun finding out something new about eachother, but there are other huge things that could become like "omg who are you" moments?! Definitely not fun.. And the last thing is parents. I'm terrified of meating them..

Swag Fab

The only person I have loved- my best friend. Turned me down and now I'm literally broken.

Ivey Hernandez

"so what do you do for fun?" "ehh not much" ? im sorry but that kills me

Ebru Hime

Dear mike, I understand how you feel and I completely agree. May you find the person most precious to you first as a friend then as your significant other. That makes the bond so much stronger. :)


Really great reasons =) And of you guys like traveling and skiing, come to Montreal! For the winter time, the mountains are not that far from the city when you travel by car and in the summer time, there are a lot of activities like fireworks, festivals and more. There are a lot of great steakhouse and veggie restaurants for you guys =)

Ginno Gaviria

Your male Best boyfriend?


that emoji is hunted


how many channels does Mike have?!


my husband is my best friend. we met during bad times for both. and then, it flourished. your spouse should be your bestfriend bc you have to trust that person with everything and in the end is you and your spouse

Peony and the Wolf

Thumbs up for Dan and veganism! ^.^

Poppy Orenji

I chortled so hard and bursted water on my computer screen when that ;-p emoji fell over.


comments like you poop pillow lol


Dan has the cutest smile when Mike makes fun of him haha

Linda Lemoni

i used to be the type, that couldn't hold up a conversation XD people often thought I am arrogant, when really i was paralyzed cause i used to be extremely shy haha.. very  awkward years.. if anyone reads this, who knows what i mean, and don't know what to do against that, i got over that phase by just admitting to my shyness, i would say, i'm sorry that i'm that silent, i'm very shy, and normally your date will be understanding if he is a nice person and you'll immediately feel less embarrassed, cause you broke the circle in your head (like: oh no what should i say now.. oh he asked me something what do i answer and how.. oh god i am taking too long i am being weird again, what should i do, oh god what is he thinking of me i hope he doesnt realize how shy i am, oh no what if he will think something even worse, like that i am arrogant or stupid!) with just admitting to it, it's out and i always got a lot more relaxed..

Luka Tatvidze

guys you brothers or friends?

jar puppy

my puppys my best friend :3



Linh Le

In my opinion though, girls don't really want/ are not attracted to their best friends/friends. In your first meeting you can tell if you're attracted to somebody or not. If they deem you as their friends, then it's really hard to turn it around. This is speaking from my experience as a girl being in this situation many times.

Peter Johannessen Osisi

Greetings, Friends.  Is the winking emoji intentionally licking the turd pile?  Forget it, emoji down.  :-)  Love And Peace, Peter.

Karen Carranza

Team Dan!


well what if u get in a fight and don't make up and don't want to see each other

Nadya Desiana

based on mike's preference on girls, we match. Mike, ssupp

owl hearts

lol my best friend knows I have a crush on him and he likes me too, his brother said he's going to ask me out soon ,what should I say?


im struggling because my best friend likes me and i dont know if i like him back or not and if i do i dont know if we should date

Natalie To

I date my best friend! =D


I'm team Mike on that becoming friends first thing. And that date example was perfect because that's how I am. I don't think I'm an uninteresting person, I'm just not very comfortable and talkative to people at first. I'd rather get to be friends with them and then we can really SEE what the other person is interested in and stuff rather than basically going "ok here is a list of what I like and don't like. Show me your list so we can compare and see if you are suitable as my partner." I dunno the whole thing is just very uncomfortable and fake to me.

Nat Man

Blue shirt looks like jackie chan..

Nita Yang

I'm Team Dan... Can I sign up for Mike's list of dating... nvm his quality list is too long. LOL... The guy I'm talking to is like Mike. _... I'm a type like Dan.

Кристиан Стойков

there are 2 things that can happen ether the best relationship ever!! or you lose your bff so I guess you just have to be strong enough to take the chance xD

Tiara Annisa

The comments are talking about Veganism. I wanna ask, what is Veganism??

Duen HY

When you are going through a break up, you go to your best friend. You drink. You move on. If your best friend is your boyfriend/girlfriend, when you break up, you lose both your best friend and your significant other. You're fucked.

Dorothy Li

when I watched this I was also video chatting with my bf. in the middle of the video I paused it and said "hey babe I want to be your best friend, what do you think?" he was like "wtf... no".  I thought dating your best friend is a dream..... but I guess not for him :(


my bfff is a girl.And she got jellebenz when I was talking to my other bff (he's a boy) and oh he was WEIRDED OUT.HE ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT IT WAS ONE OF THOSE THINGS WHERE THE BFFFs LIKED THE SAME BOY! BUT HE SITS RIGHT NEXT 2 ME SO HE STILL TALKS 2 ME.she was jealous becus I was talking to Gerard and not her.(@[email protected])sorry I got carried away there...speaking of getting carried away... bla bla bla bla bla.

Scarlet S

hahaha the bit where mike is pretending to be the girl. I am like that :/

brittany kraft

I have known my fiancé since we were children and he is my best friend and my rock.

Nati Whatever

I know my best friend too good to find him attractive....

Matt Yorshin Gaming

Hey Dan and Mike thanks for another vid

rainbow zz

never date freinds lol


Incomplete video? Or is it just me?

Lee SK

Mike, is Mia becoming your best friend? :)


I totally agree on this one. It's way better to have a friendship as the base of your relationship.
Still, it is difficult to find someone, befriend them, be attracted to them, develop feelings AND that they're reciprocated.
Over here is hard to find someone to share travels with, have nature activities like camping or hiking, that love the continuous personal growth, and that see more to life than just earning money and have material stuff.
The thing that makes it all the more difficult is I won't eat animals and people in general are stupefied by it.

Katherine Mabel Hilario Garcia

I'm #Teammike! And yes the pillows are great!!
Being in a realationship with someone you can say is 100% your best friend is just plain and simply what we should all aim for.

Summer Xia

agree that it's better to be good friends first. especially for me, fast dating never work for me.


I would prefer having great friendship after dating. if the guy was my best friend then he should stay that way. You may think that it could be easier when you date your bestfriend but I think It's not. Yes you're bestfriends you share a lot of things, everything. But now you become lovers, things change. There'll always things you CANT NEVER tell your gf/bf.

SterlingLH ProfessorX

Totally! Just like the man on the right, with the blue shirt who loves traveling... (I think :-)

Well, I just find it totally uncomfortable and awkward to date someone if I haven't first became friends with them. I mean, not necessarily best friends though just good friends that we feel comfortable with each other because by now I have an idea of what type of person they are, their likes and dislikes etc. Therefore, we can enjoy more and speaking about the more important stuff now since we already gotten through the not sooo important things in an atmosphere that doesn't put much pressure on us (friendship). My hubby and I we met online. Anyways, we have actually been friends for a year before we began dating and now in a relationship. (Though, he hinted from the startish that it could be me and I said maybe. Thus, we agreed to be friends because I didn't know him all that well and I was not ready for a relation anyways not to mention he is actually my first... I hope, he will also be my last that we will be together forevermore :-D


The poop emoji is best emoji.


Team Mike. Sorry Dan?

Btw. That emoji is trying to kill Mike ?

Malaney E.

Please discuss this! It's about a boyfriend impersonating his girlfriend for 2 weeks after he murdered her

jar puppy

first :P

Ginno Gaviria

I adore this emojis


I feel like it would be so awkward dating my best a good friend is fine but not my best friend...

Ewen Bell


Kenny Sebastian - Why dating your friends is a bad idea

Kenny Sebastian - Why dating your friends is a bad idea30 Mar. 2020
321 911
Kenny SebastianSubscribe 438 721

Kenny answers a question

Kenny answers a question from an viewer about dating friends. He goes in depth about why its a terrible idea and proceeds to get a little too honest about his opinion.

From Episode 6 of Simple Ken:

A weekly podcast hosted by Kenny where he covers his weekly conflicts and tries to not give advice as he answers questions given to him from his viewers.


Comments (100)
Devika Parmeswaran

It blowssss ma mind???

Geeta Verma

it blowwws my mind ......

zarina fazal

goshhhhhh keny luks so uncomfrtable wid dis convo ???

Anna Bahat

This was the exact exact exact reason I rejected a friend who proposed me. We have a group of 9 friends and after the friendship of nearly 1 years he comes up and proposes me saying he has a crush on me since four months. I literally had to explain him every point you said here. That if we break up, things will get ugly and people will have to choose among us and all. Thankfully he understood and did let it go after a month or so. It was hard for everyone in the group.
But later he proposed another girl of our group only, they went into a relationship, broke up and things are anyways ugly right now.
Some things are inevitable lol.
But atleast we both are still on good terms.

Shruti Choubey

Kenny this applicable to you as well.. don't date kanan Gill? (although you both look adorable together)..but just don't.!


Kanan watching this like : ?️??️

Rachita Nishad

Just wanna know who edited this video!

Niharika Negi

We are so much alike, @Kenny Sebastian.

Ria Philip

....So is dating weird friends

let's music

I rewind the video twice to know why Nirmala sitaraman appeared

Shruti Basu

Kenny have you seen the 'I try to kiss my bestfriend' trend on tiktok?

Chahana Desai

Maybe the boyfriend is hanging out with his girlfriend’s ex cause he’s actually very insecure and wants to keep close tabs??‍♀️?

Jacob Joseph

Who's editing this ?? ?

Mahi Kumar

You should give us a fun fact about yourself or an embarrassing story whenever you say the word Podcast :)


i t b l o w s m y m i n d

Sumaya Hoque

I totally two friends started dating, now they are breaked up and also everyones matter how we try things are not being the past again.

Prasanna Podugu

Y so much... Yes ??

Arshiya Mehrotra

but you cant date anyone without being friends

chitraa raheja

Same idea Kenny!

Eswar Kundan

Kenny why are you in a carpentry shop??


The worst time may be when they get married to different partners & then the girl visits his place & leaves her partner to the males wife to baby walk her kids while she has a flirt walk with her ex friend in front of them.Yuckier & nausier still.Why didn't they marry each other in first place.You know why now,you wouldn't have got free babysitters.

Alisha A

My boyfriend dated his childhood best friend for 4 years and they are still friends (fight every now and then.. but somehow they’re still friends). I don’t like her though. I mean, obviously ?

Bhushan Marathe

Comedians are not in the middle of anywhere just straight forward, and it takes a lot that's why i like them.

Riya Saha


Nikhil Alexander

basically reciting gotyes song.

Khushi Nehete

It's seriously wierd?

Satish Singh

After few seconds I'm like... I get it kenny... U can stop talking now... I get it!

Bhushan Marathe

How is this possible, it blows my mind too.
You should feel insecure a little bit sometimes, you should be angry sometimes.
Everything should be in limit.
Look how much its blows? that my mind can't take this ??.
Ohh sometimes i feel like if its hurt then i am alive

Pranathi Hamsa

Just make new friends

Alankrutha ks

It's when you date your friend and then break up and become friends again it's awkward and weird

Devanga Phukan

Why didn't you make this video earlier ?

Somreeta Maity

nobody actually gets over anyone

Somreeta Maity


Rosy Bala

The subtle way he inserts images and texts as joke . Its brilliant !!


Kenny, after 5-6 years of you both (you n ex) moving on, you guys can surely be friends unless you guys haven't cheated on eachother.
This can happen only if your current relationship is proper.

Sharath Vijayakumar M

That cannibal corpse pic ??? epico


2:48 ❤️❤️

Nayna Singh

I've started dating my best friend....why the fuck would you do that to us Kenny?!?!!

Also you're wrong.....

Manasvi Rao

Also Kenny proves Sharukh khan wrong.. "pyaar dosti hota hai"!!

Manasvi Rao

For a moment when nirmala sitharaman photo popped up! I thoughttttt... I went out of context for a moment and didn't hear what kenny was telling..

Hanna Mary Johnson

I didn't listen to u n learned it the hard way??

Prajakta Mali

Thank you for not being diplomatic and saying it as it is.

Purva -

That nirmala sitharaman's picture ??

Twisha Tiwari

I don't wanna be friends with Kenny

Flipping Art!

You're cute... But not always right... This is just like him telling people prateek kuhad has no talent.

Kasturi C

Felt lik someone is speaking my thoughts ??exact same

Rajesh N

Well thats jst Kenny's opinion and point of view. Yes to some extent its true, but in my circle most of them are in love with the friends, had ups and downs, friends help them sail through those times and i should say most of them are happily married, and yes there were few fails, but Its about how committed you are.. And ya.. i jst took to next level than jst dating.. as we were unaware or not comfortable with the idea of "dating", there was no trial and error thing, its a commitment straight away..

well all the best for those guys who are committed to their frnds.. jst dont give up during bad times.. it does work..(provided u deal with it maturedly)

Tanmayee Sankpal

I feel like instead of all this "jhanjhat" just don't date. Plus then you'll have your freedom all to yourself.

Still ..... The choice is yours?

Dr. Anime

Kenny got plump. Or is it just camera ?

Paul Abhishek

Kenny macha....I should’ve see this a long time before
All of the thing happening in my freakin life

Vaishakh S Nair

this guys just cut off the bullshit and presents the reality lol....btw this video was premiered on my bday :)

luv pie

?kennyyy..I think I messed up!

sumi rose


Sohini Barai

When Kenny said, don't kiss your weird ugh and Anjali's picture showed up??????

Somreeta Maity

people just take everything personal

Rinita G.

My best friend is my love now I don't agree ...The friendship between us deeeepened

Christy Benny

I don't know why...
When ever I see Kenny talking.. I feel like it's deadpool ?

Aniket Anand

It balooowwss my mind

Laaj kunwar Chundawat

So you wanna say that just date any person whom you don't know nd if someone will ask who is he/she
You will say she is just a known figure to whom i am gonna date

a k

You are not insecure .This is how it should be.Man who are okay with that are not manly enough.


I really like your opinion.. I always wanted someone to agree with me on this topic..... And.... And..... The way u r stammering because of not fully confident about.... May be we are.... Actually whenever I try to discuss this topic with my bestie, I stammer say way

syed najiullah hussaini

Abhishek upmanyu and urooj ashfaq belike: we will pretend we did not see that

Surbhi Sharma

Kenny is thinkin so hard.. like a philosophy class is going expressions?

Harley Quinn

I think first guy broke up wid his girlfriend & started dating his friend. & Now he wants his ex to be his friend..

Melinda James

the only thing i can react with is that dumbass like button.
even tho i like it 1000/10,the only appreciation is??.
i love you,machaa!

Rutvik Shah

Staying friends with my ex was something i didn't want to do and also couldn't do, idk how many people do it either kenny

Miloni Sonpal

The reason YOU cant be friends with your ex is because you make jokes on her, kenny! please do not generalise???‍♀️?

LMAO..welecome to kennys life, dear viewers??????

Pranathi Hamsa

Are you a Leo or what

Madhavi Singh

Why did a 'Nirmala Sitaraman' picture pop up when he said - emotionally taxing?? I wanna know this. :D



Kavya Shree

Kenny, then I won't be your friend ???

Vinny Ahluwalia

Kenny is confused and is making me more confused

unbearable hugsy

Watching this video & adoring #mondler is another level ?

chitraa raheja

Kenny you are one hell of an amazing person!!

samiya yasmin

Being friends with ex literally sucks.


Is he high?

karishma kumar

I love this guys ?

Indumathi E

It can be an amazing plot to make a bl(boys love) out of it ?


3:10 Sounds like he's talking about Robin Scherbatsky, Ted Mosby,and Barney Stinson ?

Arushi Brahma

Shows Ross and Rachel in the thumbnail....lmfaoo


Kenny looks like the indain guy in phineas and ferb???

Amitava Mondal


Praachi Nagpal

I just wanna know, how can one become your gf?

Seema Garg

"That BloWoOwoowWoOs my mind"
~ Kenneth Mathew Sebastian

_ akhuto_

Oh gawd this is :')

Monish Manjunath

It bLOwS my minddd

neha dyas

Loved it when he said "I mean why? Just make more friends. . Why ex?" Lol so true . . ?

B.Mahesh Rao

I just realised that they didn’t like me, coz they chose the other person ?


iT BloOows My minD..?

curious case

"Because you didn't find anybody" ?

archana dubey

What does Kenny think about friends with benefits??

Dijana Deeyahnah

2:54 "...once in a while they reach out to you..." ??? the pic had me dying


Your trip with friends says everything... ?

Somreeta Maity

being friends with ex is really awkward

Priyanka Chellappan

I wannabe friends with Kenny!

Utkarsh Dhumale

I think he is taking a trip down memory lane while speaking ?

Anushka Sarkar

Who's editing this tho?! I love it ??

Anantha Krishnan

I just clicked on the video becaz of F.r.i.e.n.d.s...?

Ishita Morey

I see the sanitizer on the table.Kenny was way ahead of time.