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5 Rules for Dating a T girl

5 Rules for Dating a T girl17 Jul. 2016
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This video is dedicated to

This video is dedicated to all of the men and woman that are actually and genuinely interested in dating trans woman. Hope this helps some of you cis males and females understand a little better!

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Brent Davis

I am single so I don't know how to go on a date



Akram Raza

Hi I like this plz contact me

Mr. Mars

Drama queen and high maintenance. Lol. I don't have a high sex drive because I'm a woman... sorry bunny, just because you go by the label woman, does not change your sex drive. Seriously, do you now get periods and have babies because you call yourself a woman?

Dustin Stich

You are nothing like a woman. You are a man taking drugs to lower your sex drive


Real girls don't grow coarse facial hair

vincent Vankoche

Gorgeous girl! ?


rule 6, if a man dates you, he is a homosexual

Lion Fire

Oh you are beautiful.

Duran Brown TV

I love pussy not dick......hmmm, maybe because I have a dick of my own ????

Ray Thompson

Wow as a straight guy wow


rule number 6, don't date men in dresses. if you are gay do gay, straight do straight.


Why it's your skin so bright? Its blinding.


ok i not trying to be disrespect, but will a trans woman have to take hormones for ever?

Akram Raza

I want a wife

That black guy In the corner


Tyler Horton

Where do i date one that is as beautiful as you cause daaaaaayuuuum bae you sexy

Matthew Evans

U single


"Like every other girl out there" <---- except not

Ajade Willl

T girl=T not

Jason Tank

the hardest thing about dating a t girl the few times I did is getting them to leave your dick alone. It is kind off creepy for us too, you know. real girls have nothing on these drama queen ho's




he acts like a man would want to date him. if a man dates you, he is gay. or bi at least. still in the closet.

B1 17

0:06 dont niggas to top


Anyone else from H3..Now i know what a T-Girl is ?

Dr. Merle

There's only one rule and that's "Don't do it".

Twizzy Flizzy

This transes and the whole LGBT dont got shit,relevant to say bout their descision,errthang they say is 'its my choice' since when did you decide to be str8??


Hii i want to meet you if you like


Hey dude

Tecca Nina

You got a penis then you are a man. You got a vagina then you are a women. You sir have a penis. So you are a man not a woman

Joel Johansson

Cute Girl

Andre Lewis

You not a woman fucking creep

StRoNgO 1

how can I get a girl like you? your gorgeous. it's so hard to find genuine poeple.


Are you dating right now?

louis borselio

1 rule for NOT dating a T girl. These 5 Rules for Dating a T girl. lol

Jesse Shoemaker

Rule one can't speak ones own mind
Rule two can't talk about how one feels
Rule three through four total bullshit lies fed to people through tumblr and twitter

Wes Ragnar

There is only one thing that dont need to be rule that is women getting ready because women do take there time an men know to not bother there woman to but it is a male thing we all do it anyway. Lol

james Bond

Very beautiful

Jhonjhon Paras


David Foster

I have just recently realized that I am very attracted to T-girls. Would you have any suggestions on how I can see if I really want to date a T-girl or if it's just a phase

Star Nightcore

Yes no kidding hiding us in your house LMFAO so true


Not disputing your easy on the eyes but your not a woman. You are a man you can mutilate and take hormones and get fake tits you can't take away and change chromosomes sir. You can say your a woman all you want you can ware a woman's costume but sir your a man a really pretty man that I wouldn't mind dating because I don't discriminate when it comes to fucking if your hot your hot be you man or woman but u a man

Michael Klaren

This is just rules for you and trust me you definitely don't speak for everyone!

Nestor Montilva

I would like to have a trans girlfriend like you


Lmao I'm a girl and dating a trap oof

Dixi Normous

dude, you're a dude


You are not a woman. Chromosomes matter.

Maxie Tv

She cute ?

Marc Leon

Where a guy meet transwoman who isn't just about sex. Most websites feature cis females? Should I consider going to clubs when they have nights that are devoted to transgender?


#1. No deal, give and recieve honey
#2. Happy for you to be you
#3. Easy done
#4. Take your time
#5. Would be glad to ^.^ <3


Rule #1 you have a penis and are a guy. I would prefer any biological female over you. That's actually how it works.

King3chozen1 Theone

get back to me

Jonas Johnson

Good looking.

John Grove

My humble opinion, every T Girl I've ever seen in real life was a prostitute. I've never seen one going to Vons or Target. But I've seen them in Vegas or down town LA


Pity this only has 2,000 views, this is a great and helpful video. Thanks for uploading!


God you are absolutely stunning?

Tiano Ojomo

11inch cock here ...add me on Facebook "Tiano Ojomo"


Wow, ur cute..


About #5, what if the dude isn't out and you don't pass? Would a gourmet take-out or private chef do?

Anupam Mondal

You have a boyfriend


Five rules for dating YOU. You can't speak on behalf of anyone else.

The Great Danton

Your arrogance makes you less attractive


Who looking this up because H3?

Radical Edward

I’ve looked into this topic a few times over the years. And the impression I seem to come away with each time are a few things I think would prevent many people, and at least me, from dating a trans girl.

* Looks/attributes aren’t allowed to matter at all. *
It’s one thing for them to not be the most important thing, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter at all. For me I’m in to women, not guys. So if a trans girl feels like a woman to me I’ll think of her as a woman. But that means passability matters to me. It often seems like that’s entirely taboo to even say. I’d prefer people just be able to be honest about it and not try to pretend one way or the other and have the potential relationship fall apart. This also tends to go into the SRS topic.

*You’re not supposed to specifically try to meet a trans girl. *
I’ve seen a lot of trans girls say that guys fetishize them and that if you’re trying to meet a trans girl instead of just trying to meet “a girl” that you still fall into that category.
But considering that trans women are a small percentage of the overall population, further reduced by age, location, dating status, etc etc, it’d be pretty difficult to meet them in the first place without having to become like a trans activist. But even saying that makes people interpret it like it’s objectifying trans women.

So idk, it just seems like people can’t be realistic about it a lot of times so that people can have open and honest conversations about the topic.

I started writing more but this is long enough already and I’m sure is probably pissing someone off so I’m probably better off ending here.

Calvin Barajas

So, if a non-binary cis trans boy dresses up as a girl, does that cancel it out?

Sam Labo

Hummm those are not my rules at all

Kiesha Latrell

that is a lie T girls are known for prostitution

Ganja Green

Rule #1
It has balls...and cock...

Dale Lyons


Corey Covington

Any man that is dating or trying to date a good looking woman wants to have sex with her alot , and probably ask her to do stuff that some will say yes and others no. And we might even ask again at another time. So t girls want to be treated like a woman but not any of the things guys do with typical woman?

Shawn Sears

Rule #1 - Don't!

Brandon Ballard

Pure beauty

Adam Holland

Great tips. Least you get straight to the point instead of blabbering on.

T Mac

Hello you so beautiful


So... pretty much don't...?

Day Dreamer

Great vid! Where are you from? I’m guessing not California lol

Blake Butler

I think u r very gorgeous


a man dating a man. no rules

Hookup Culture/ F Boys (with pictures!) Trans Edition| MIA BALZARETTI

Hookup Culture/ F Boys (with pictures!) Trans Edition| MIA BALZARETTI15 Oct. 2019
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I hope you


I hope you guys enjoyed this video. In this video you'll find my input in how I feel about F boys and the Hookup Culture. As a Trans woman , I've had many experiences! I hope you guys enjoyed this video :)


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Maxi Mate Fox

Hello Balzaretti! Would you happened to have a Video from No makeup to fully done makeup? I kinda like so see people in plain face, the real beauty. Don't get me wrong looking at you here we see you're a snatch!?? And I'm new here!


do a clothing haul !!!!

Ms Sharina Brown

U r cute sweetie xx


you only have 800 will be at 30k subs have really good content !!!! :)

Gary Yolo

When you say you hooked up with that frat boy, do you mean you guys were having sex or what??


you are so gorgeous.... a perfect female..all though you are trans...very beautiful :)

Lex A

This was VERY entertaining. I just found your channel now, by accident, and your videos are entertaining me, while i'm waiting for my friend. I'm not trans, i'm a gay male, but i have (in the past) dated bi-curious guys who were so sweet to me, but if they saw me in public they'd completely ignore me. Then later i'd find out that they had a girlfriend (who didn't know)!! ??‍♂️

John Smith

Rule #17 Never give a frat boy head until at least a month after knowing him. ???

Scott Depace

Did you swallow his frat boy juice?? ?

JunJun Camacho

So nice

Charles C

Wow you are so beautiful

Scott Depace

So you give these guys head then they never call you again?

James Ellis

So were you giving that guy head because you liked him or because he was hot??


you really have an super feminine voice too !!!!. you should do a clothing haul and Q AND video... thumbs up and likes :)

Maxi Mate Fox

I'm in Balzaretti! I just subscribed!??


wow !!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME !!!! thanks for the video upload..thumbs up and likes :)


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La DemiSubscribe 438 721

STORYTIME! The worst

STORYTIME! The worst tinder hookup when I was 20! I’ve never ever told this story but it has always scarred me. I swear I used to put myself in the worst situations, thank God for growing up and getting wiser. I hope you guys like this craziness, and of course learn from my mistakes/life lessons. ♥️

XOXO Subscribe!

LOVE, La Demi





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*GIRL YOU DESERVE THE WORLD!* This is the crasiest story. Im so glad your ok.


You’re looking like your mom!!!!

Nicole A

Please do more storytimes

George Schirra

Your story is horrifying!
- glad you made it out safe ?

Alan Martinez

sis but what happened after?! did he message you on tinder? did you unmatch him? we need the rest of the tea ?

pallabi chatterjee

I always loved your storytime videos... ❤️
Btw you look amazing?

suzanne bracker

What happened to your pocketbook and ID? I would have called the cops to come over and get your pocketbook back. Very scary. Trust your instincts.

Lish A

i fucken died when she said pure fucken idiot omggg

Teagan B_33

Is it Tyler

Keasha QUEEN

Im confused is this a tran ?

Mariela Moreno

Girl this gave me so much anxiety!!!!! I'm soo glad you're okay. You rock!!!!

Nicole A

GIRLLLLL HOLY SHITTTTT that shit is CRAZYYY. Im so sorry you went through that, the fact that this man let you pick your potential murder weapon is just so SICK.

Jared Sterba

That's so scary


People gotta stop using tinder lol

Janelle Sosa

Bitch I’m deaddddd your story times are my fave!!! Haha

Matt from Wii Sports

Just watched the episode of Botched where you are on it and found your story really interesting, hope everything works out in the future

Ese Milan

Idk why but this scared me

Kiki Pacheco




ya'll poor AF

Yasss we need more hookup stories please

Drew Fontenot

But what is that song at the end??

K. Kevin .K

Sis has been collecting her coins sis yasss


Honey you sound like that all the time. Lay off the white c o k e w h o r e * kisses from me and nikk??

Keasha QUEEN

Dude he was dealing with sounds like he was on drugs

ash nikko

one thing you could have had was a nice personality. Oh well. not even that

Mary28 913

Hey is your first name La? So funny!!! ?


The teeth are everything, yassss

c.j wingfield

Saran wrap ???

Lexi Taylor


Buchanan Rodriguez

has anyone told you, with your black hair, you're giving a young Monica Bellica?! like fucking twins?! for younger viewers, she was in the matrix xD

Patrick Kyles Jr.

We have a built in sense about stuff like that. Rather he was going to kill u or not,. SOMETHING was off. Leaving was the best thing. Even though their would have been no way he woulda been walking behind me with that weapon. Lol.

Martha Gaspar

When you walked in to the house and met him in the kitchen, sounded like an episode of to catch a predator. ?


You assaulted our sweet innocent Carlson and you sent your mob mentality fans to hate on her.... You are the most disgusting ...... Creature or whatever the you are .... Stay the fuck away from Carlson you plastic bitch


You look like Adore Delano’s more glam sister with this look. Love it!

Madison Penwick

So proud of you for thinking and running! Holy SHITTTT

Zumer Kadri

hell yes to the end


Is she trans?



c.j wingfield

Honey to me it sounds like his plans were to hurt you from the beginning, I don't think he kept going back and forth on the fact that you were transgender and he was insecure about sleeping with you he went back and forth on hurting you. If he had nothing in his place it's probably easy clean up. Girl you're so so lucky, I'm not saying he didn't pick bc you're trans but I think he was contemplating hurting someone... think about it, yoiu were probably the 1st person he planned doing that with (killing someone)

Valerie Gomez

You always have the scariest fucking stories omg God is for sure protecting you babe

Dora Menjivar

Hi I dont know if you read the comments but I saw you in botch wanting to get your chin done and your persona is awesome!! Your so real sweet! And beautiful I just subscribed to your channel.


You look like a fish babe

Gods Coherent Creation


Misty S

Holy shit he was a murderous psycho. Good thing you are okay! That's one thing I will never do is go to a guys house first time I meet him lol. Fuck no. I have a major fear of something bad happening. I just don't trust dudes.

Anastasia Rose

i love you so much haha. love watching you!!

ProActif Fitness

love your honesty

Jonathan Alexander

Those lips...

L Lambert

Kardashian reject

Coel & Cards

What wig is that? Where you get it gurl

Lisa Brown

Them teeth girl!! Teeth are everything!!! Bitch!!! ??


Teeth on point! ??

Chavely I. Caraballo Hernandez

Luv your videos be safe always ?



Tasha Medellin

Omg girl this was a good story time video I enjoyed it a lot

Olivia H


Mysettings Mysettings

You need to work on your facial profile.that nose




Giiirrrrrl u always have the best stories!! Tell us more! I'm a ?bitch! Haha ?
P. S. You've been killin it lately, best wishes for many more great opportunities! Xo's ?

Chloe Quezada

What’s the name of the song that plays at the end of her videos

Adalina Eva Lee Gorena

“Hi jack” lol ?

Carmen Lopez

He's done this before. Possibly several times. You were just intuitive enough to sense danger. Unfortunately there's others that probably weren't so fortunate. You most likely escaped a serial killer. I bet if you researched it. You'd discover other girls missing without a trace. Be safe Demi.


Omg you literally escaped your death

Miss Mya


Chris Snow

Damn sis you done fucked up with that lip-liner tho, I'm sorry...


Gurl you're causing me a heart attack D: I'm so happy that you made it outta there alive
The man sounds like a creepy weirdo keeping heads in his garage

Jake Oakley

love this such a good message to put out there! "know your worth"

remarkably weird Marcus

This sounds like my experience was weird af ?

Queen B

U look amazing!♥️


Ongaaawd bihhh??


Girrrrl he had your HOUSE keys and your ID I would have gotten that purse back so fast lmaooo

Myles Spears ASMR

Girl you so flawless

Pia Borra

The personality/side of you that I fell in love with cane through in this vid.

Alley Hernandez



This video brought tears to my eyes bc I can't even imagine the feeling you felt and how vulnerable you really were. If you didnt have enough sense, you wouldnt be here. I'm so glad you're safe. LOVE YOUUUUUU, BABE

Johanna Bree

Kylie Jenner realness ?

Rogie Beep

Is this a trans

Forever Young

I didn’t know where this video was going, like American psycho vibe xx

Radames Vlogs

Uyyy u plastic!! I love u!! ❤️❤️ naw bitch u look great, lots of love and good vibes your way.


your new teeth look so nice!!!

Jacqui Devon

Girl I hope you reported this crazy




Beautiful Latina Princess! ❤️❤️

Luisa FerCast16

Lord that gave me anxiety lol I’m glad your ok though! Just keep your eyes always open, you never know who the crazies are. Stay safe?

Corey Orr

Girl you had me freaking out all the way across the USA in Georgia listening to this story ? love your content! I’m so happy to hear you realized your value ❤️

Yomayra Sanchez

I need to know where to get that necklace ???

Audrina Nicole

Yassss smile !!!! Always gorgiiii ???

jewel only

Tinder? Do you let them know you’re transgender?


I would’ve gagged I love you so much Demi


Always trust your gut girl


you look STUNNING!! ✨ we love a good tinder story

Alan Martinez

i almost cried ? i’m glad you’re okay though queen❤️

John Smith

Did they have sex?

Zuko Sama

GIRL I would’ve grabbed my bag and phone not my shoes ?

b b

girl what’s that outro song? ♥️

Rustin Hester

Were gonna call him the devil skfjskslsdkfjjf fuck the devil! We’re gonna call him.... jack!?


I feel this story 100%, feeling of not being worth of a good guy, not trusting my gut. Just horrible.. Glad you’re okay sis. Keep them videos coming ??


Has she had bottom surgery? Like the private part surgery?


You're so iconic but yes tinder stories are always something lmao!

Rachael S

Couldn't make it through the first five seconds of this video

Keasha QUEEN

Crazy dudes have good wood and normally fine as fuck.....until they crazy kick in?