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I've designed a boardgame: how do I make money from it? *Boardgame design*

I've designed a boardgame: how do I make money from it? *Boardgame design*16 Aug. 2017
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You've made a boardgame -

You've made a boardgame - well done! Now how do you make any money off the thing???

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Big black

Seems like the best route would be to form a partnership with an artist and a marketer (with you being the designer) and start your own company.

Mark Dryden

A fascinating and insightful video Adam. All the best with your games!

Michael Cichetti

Skip to 6:03 ... you’re welcome

Stephanie Bojorquez

Good advice! thank you! I am working on a children's board game. Currently working on the trade mark application. Did you complete your own trade mark application or hired someone?


Great video!!! really enjoyed it! thank you

Josh Blake

I am making a social deduction board game, it’s similar to mafia but every character has their own name and ability. But dose anyone have any suggestions of how to make it more different from mafia?

Alex Cannon

I'm very much enjoying your videos Adam, but the audio always seems very low volume. I notice you didn't mention print-on-demand marketplaces like gamecrafter or drive-through cards, what are you thoughts on those services?

Josh Carr

Great video Adam! Your games look really cool, it'd be great to hear about them more in depth now that they have officially been announced!
I actually followed the Cucumber Sandwich campaign from start to finish on Kickstarter and personally I think that they were a little too in their estimates for pricing and funding goal. This may have been a big reason that they didn't make that much money. You are right that Kickstarter can be really tough, accurate pricing estimations and crowd building are definitely two of the biggest factors in a successful campaign.

Mark Davies

Brilliant video, found when searching YouTube for help regarding publishing a game I am currently designing. Your advice is very honest and given in a very clear way. I knew about the various ways to get a game published but this was really useful in explaining all the pros & cons of each route. Will certainly check out your other videos for advice and who knows maybe I'll be a millionaire this time next year! :)

Geoff Burkman

I'll forgive the clickbait title, since the obvious answer (despite your caveats) is "You don't." I'd be interested in knowing what top sellers have actually sold in the millions of units, besides maybe the obvious handful of titles.
Anyway, good video, and best wishes for the success of your newest creations!

P.S. The volume on this video seemed way low.

Roman S

jesusfack, I am desgining my own game and listening to this made me quite sad. I have my own plan for sharing the complete game, instead of printing use wood and use some of external sources, but along with corona, I cant travel anywhere to talk to publishers and other parties. I guess I will just hire some youtuber/influencer to promote my game, rather than rely on publisher that gives me 7% of the final price, fak that.


What is your other job?

Vincenzo Pignatelli

thank you, amazing video!

Bez Shahriari

Really interesting vid.

Thanks for sharing your experience and many congrats on your forthcoming titles about to be launched!

I will note that you seem to present a slightly simpler narrative than I'm comfortable with. Big Potato don't exactly just do self publication anymore, with titles from Matt Edmonson and Rikki Tahta.

The first 3 steps are pretty much subsets of each other and of course self-publishing can be a great first step towards getting a bigger publisher. (I'm not the only one having gone down this route - The Chameleon was originally self-published as Gooseberry).

Of course, I understand that with any shorter video, you can't explain every nuance and it was certainly a good watch.

Some very helpful cutaway shots to help depict what you're talking about.

All the best with future stuff!

Remi Lane

Thank you! This was very informative and helpful.
I have one question.
In today’s market are children still the main demographic board game publishers focus on or have adult games become the main focus?

Tyler Darling

Hey man, how do you protect your intellectual property? I've made a game and I have no idea how to not get ripped off when pitching it to companies.

Yorkshire Lass

Great to not only see a new video from you, but to see your games. Really pleased for you and I am looking forward to hearing more about them!

Dalai Farmer

I'm really happy for you Adam, I hope they sell well. I'll look out for them.

Jon Kirk

Very interesting video, thanks and good luck. A great way to do research on games is to read their manuals. It's rare these days that a publisher won't put the rules PDF on their website. It gives you a really good feel for what each game is about.

Mr Bojangles Budgie

Thanks very much Adam . I’ve got an idea for a game but I need some help any advice ?

Ian Blackburn

Awesome content. Really useful for where I’m at, at the moment with design etc. Good luck with your games mate ?

Chan Goob

Could you do a video on making your prototypes? These are extremely helpful and would love to see that process!


Very usefull rant! Thank you!


Hi Adam. Just found you, amazing video! I've been smalltime working on a medium-large sized game since 2015, and finally made a paper prototype of it, a little more than a year ago - a big map, pages of rules, hundreds of cards, and lots of tokens. I played it twice with some friends who really enjoyed it, and got a lot of good feedback. Being busy with other things, I haven't touched it since. Now however, I have around 4 months with nothing on my hands, and I would really like to take it somewhere. I have no desire of making money on it, I just want to get it "out there". I do have a few follow-up questions, if you can find the time!

- What qualifies as a prototype, and how could I potentially produce one?
- Should I look into Copyright? Is there any chance that a store or a publisher will steal my idea when I present it to them?
- How big of a disadvantage is it that my game is not in English? Should I work on translating it before making the prototype?
- Is it a disadvantage to focus on one big game, rather than several smaller and simpler games?

I'll also be happy to hear from anyone else with experience!


I just wanted to say that you have great video presentation skills! It's not easy to talk continuously without a script for 23minutes and still sound completely coherent! You should get into more video work and become a professional presenter or talk show host!


Thanks for your video!
Option 5: print on demand.
Could you explain how you can get a game into shops if you are self publishing?

Francesco Diaferia

Useful video! But I made a really complex board game, full of rules,dice,books,equipments,scenarios, creaures and spells exc...i mean, I'm pretty sure I got "the millionaire idea", but I dont know how to move after...... I need help!


Super useful and informative, thanks!

Mathinus Wolters

At the moment I have made a prototype of my first game.
(Still working on 2 others and loads more concepts)
And for me it went like this:
Find an investor/partner
Finish the rules and prototype game
Find artists that make the looks and details
Find a factory that wants to build the game
Sell the game online or to stores, directly from the factory.

To be honest tho, I'm still in the process of finding a good company.
But I am certain this will succeed.

Tommy Owen

Very helpful. Thank you.

Olaf Pieters

Many thanks for sharing this. Very informative and useful video. Keep up the good work!