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Tips before Moving out for the First Time r/AskReddit Reddit Stories | Top Posts18 Nov. 2020
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Comments (48)

My sister always said "Roommates can be friends but friends can't be roommates," and my god was she right

Regular Invader

I already know to keep in mind about being financially stable. There's no way I'd be able to buy my own house if I end up becoming broke afterwards. ?


A lot of people say moving in with friends is a bad idea and you will hate each other but if you have your own boundaries set, are both mature and can communicate when things go wrong i domt think it would be much of a problem

Katarina Tibai

Oh - yes ! - it needs to be in same condition as bevore you moved in
- ??? - so I need a racking ball to geth the flat so fucked up again as it was back then - ???
My first flat - ???
- A real shitt hole.
And I had to pay....

Jello Fooshy

Them: Landlords are parasites!
Me, a child of landlords: Interesting

Adam Teeple

Sheldon's Roommate Agreement is actually a really good idea.
If you want to lose a friend, move in together.


This scares me

Jayne Tenn

LoL! Where tf was all this info 28 years ago for me? Seriously tho, a lot of that advice applies every time you move; taking pic of apt before moving in, reading the conditions of the lease. Hell, some advice can apply to buying property too.

Also when considering friends or relatives as roommates consider this: whomever is in their lives will also be a guest in your shared space, lovers who'll feel entitled to overstaying their welcome, if not practically move in for free because their bf/gf lives there, maybe personalities you won't get along with.

Emmy Lou

Bro. I’m 13. I know how to cook, clean my shit, and all about basic budgeting. Its also because I have my own money and my parents are preparing me early cause I want to be a doctor


When you're buying necessities like shampoo, hand and dish soap, toilet paper and paper towel, etc. Always always ALWAYS buy in bulk. Warehouse clubs are lifesavers and if you're buying this there you won't need to buy it again for weeks to months. I bought toothpaste from costco and I still haven't gone through the first tube and that was last month. Also NEVER turn your nose up at store brand. They're cheaper and the same quality as the name brand (the extra expense comes from the company trying to recoup their advertising costs. I took several marketing classes including one about advertising.) also shopping at the dollar store to stock up is a VERY good idea


why is everyone so cheap on this?

Bill Olsen

Your monthly expenses will be 50%-100% more than you expect. So don't get an apt & new car right away. Use the old car for awhile & then budget for a replacement if you need one.

DL Lambert

I'd add too, if available, get a unit on a end or a section where you have only 1 neighbor. I'm on my 4th neighbor in 3yr. ?‍♂️. I only have 1 side. Less noise, less drama. My current neighbor is a full time county corrections & we are great! ✅. Shes quiet & has 0 problems with me.

SmolMega V2

I haven't the experience to say this actually works, but planning out what you're going to do far in advance might be helpful

Oh and if you have gaming equipment, make sure to turn it off when you aren't using it, that electric bill will shoot through the roof if you don't!

Marvin Owen


katchi katchi

"Cooking from scratch will save you money as opposed to eating out or ordering a take out every day". Does really someone need to be explained this?? Jesus, how stupid can people be?

Katarina Tibai

Landlord soziopath - when you are a woman - change the doorlock for your safety.


I'm only 13 but thanks


Okay, there's one thing that feels utterly missing from this. Learn how to repair and maintain things. Almost always it's cheaper to repair something instead of replacing it. Learn to sew. Learn to do basic maintenance. Buy a hair buzzer and learn to use it. Learn to cook.

Seriously, the money you can save just by learning maybe a dozen things, will save you a fortune.

The hair buzzer, as an easy example, costs around 40$. That's the price of two haircuts. Did you know how many hair cuts you can get out of a hair buzzer? Basically infinity until it breaks. I have used the same hair buzzer for over a decade. It is broken. I jury rigged it back together. At this point, the number of haircuts I've given myself must be in the hundreds, for an investment of about 40$. That averages out to maybe a penny or two, as far as the hair buzzer goes.


Christ I'd rather be homeless

Princess Marlena

Get a safe for your valuables, bolt it to large/bulky furniture that a thief won’t/can’t carry out (cabinets, armoire). Do this especially if you live with roommates. Saved me from losing some really valuable stuff, some of my roommates had shady friends/guests over a lot.

Bryanna Jackson

Im moving out in January TwT ahhh


Make them stand there while you run the shower for 10 minutes to make sure the water stays hot?? Can we calm down a bit here

Maca Pyon

I needed this, thank you


4:08 but then you have to do dishes, buy ingredients, etc. + most of the time it tastes like shit (but this might be a personal problem)

blue sky

The joke's on adulthood. I bought a trash can and scissors before I even took budgeting seriously. Also, bought that paper towel holder lmao.

Uma Pessoa Qualquer

Also, growing your own food sometimes is cheaper, most of the time, and it isn't that hard.

Scott Hageman

Food goes bad faster,.when your buy yourself ( ik no shit) but like that load of bread will mold faster that milk will go bad. Eating out gets expensive
Do one household chore a every night, that way it gets done and things don't pile up

Katarina Tibai

You need to control if the water is running - if there is hot water - bath and kitchen - controle if the windows and doors are to open and close withaut eny problem.
And go at the late evening in that areal to see if there is a alk or drug scene near there.
Look good who your neighburs are.

rochelle thundercloud

Document walk through,move in,repairs,move out.this way,if landlord tries to hold your security deposit,you have proof any and all damages were already there

Illustrious Cabbage

If you're planning to live with roommates, and you take any kind of medication that has street value (uppers, downers, pain killers, etc) get a little cheap lockbox from office depot and LOCK THEM UP. I was good friends with my first roommates (so I thought) until they stole all of my meds, just took the bottles right out of my nightstand, and sold them. They also took my class ring, a ring my mother had given me for high school graduation, and my granny's pearl earrings. Luckily, I reported the jewelry to the police & when I found the two rings at a pawn shop, I was able to get them back for free bc of the police report. The earrings are just lost to the ages. So, if your parents are decent people, have them hold onto your valuables, or put them in a similar lockbox.


13 + 5 = 18 so that’s good
Since I’m 12 and my b-day is in about 7 days so I will remember this- thx

Joleen Winkelbauer

planning to move from utah to maine right out of high school. any advice? it'd be a lot cheaper to fly, but i'd be able to bring more stuff like clothes, things to cook with, maybe some furniture if i drive. i'm 16 and don't have a job. i have almost $700 accumulated over the years.

Daniel Dunlap

You have more stuff than you think you do. Get a U-Haul truck

Demise Media

My gf, 3 year old son and I just moved into our first apartment! We keep it simple and organized. Bought a $14 La-Z-Boy, $10 kitchen table, $35 tv stand, free tv from my grandma. All dishes, utensils, pots & pans are immediately washed after using and put back in their respective places. Bathroom is always tidy. I used to be a hoarder & a slob, but I have changed my ways. Now, I have less crap and keep the basic necessities! It’s all about good habits. A clean living space = a clear mind ?

Tria Maxwell


Fuck bedbugs

Brandon Loiacono

Oh god stairs

lightbulb mne

3:30 couldnt be more true. I moved in with a girl i knew briefly on the first year, troughout the year we really grew closer as people, but god,the roomate part.. When we moved apart our friendship flourished even more. I will never understand how someone who I love and who has all these positive traits can be like that when it come to living together.

Chad C. Watson

Unless you are someone who needs a space in the home for work, like an office or studio of some kind, get an efficiency apartment. If all you do is go to work/school and dont do much at home besides play on your phone or watch tv there is no need for anything more.

Spooker Red Menace

when i moved out of my moms house for college when i was 19\20 in 2000, over those 7 yrs i lived at the 1st place, i took everything i had from my moms house, 26 plastic bins, 20 years later i am now down to 12 plastic bins, 4 of them are dvd movies, 3 clothes the rest are for other things, i lost my pots and pans in one move but moved in with friends so i'ld use their stuff, when i moved out of their place, in a new place, i still hadn't bought spatulas and such, $60 later, i got soap, spatulas ect.... was surprised by the cost lol

Mikel Campbell

4:50 where can i get panda


I’m preparing to move out of aunties home (before was living with my ex, we call him the long term loser) and have been stocking up on cupboard food toiletries and cleaning products, listing what a month/ week/ fortnight costs me in preparation. Usually they will pay me back for cleaning products or the like but I’ve been paying myself so its not another shock when I’m on my own

Listening to this for useful tips lol

DL Lambert

I'm a veteran, MP, 4yr & a licensed security officer. Orlando FL; 2000 to 2020. When looking at a property, go in the daytime & if you can see it late at ?. 1200am, 100am. Know if the area has crime issues or broken ?. Do NOT get a condo or apt near trash dumpsters or common areas(pools, laundry, car wash, etc). I was near a trash dumpster for 5+ years; 2012 to 2017. Bums climb around, city workers make noise ??‍♂️, smells, odors, etc. Check the parking or delivery process BEFORE moving. Some places are good others do not want any part of UPS, Amazon. ?. Dont be a snitch, a gossip or a "Karen". We had a hole tenants who left in 4mo or 8mo because they gripe about every minor spec. I'd avoid loud party events or noise. ?. Be considerate.

Ivanneth Suyin

Here’s my advice from experience, just because you’re 18 and considered an adult doesn’t mean you have to move out I know you want that independence and move away from your parents, but if you’re literally going to live paycheck by paycheck and barely making rent just to have independence what’s the point. I’m not saying live with your parents until you’re 30 but if they’re willing to support you save up all that money so you can actually put a down payment on a house


I'll move to another city in like 1.5 years for University... so... this is usefull, gotta note some stuf tbh

Reddit NSFW

I prefer a hut.

The emoest of them all

If you have roommates, divide what you have to pay for. "I pay for groceries, you pay the bills" type of thing. I live with my sister, she has a job, I don't. And still, she expects me to pay bills and groceries most of the time. I would be happy to pay bills and groceries, but my allowance just can't cover all things. Clarify this with your roommate

Ice Guy

If living on your own, you will have bills for everything. And fees for everything. And that most landlords don't give much of a shit. If you bought a house (but grew up with great neighbors) that your neighbors may hate you for no reason.

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How disinterested the new bride was. Set a record for immaculate conceptions.

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Comments (7)

I'm sorry, but it is NOT okay that this man-child ran to his mommy about his "first time". It was a HUGE invasion of her privacy. And the fact that mom ACTUALLY had the nerve to basically critique her and offer helpful TIPS ...that was cringey and AWFUL. I would NEVER trust him again, and certainly would never want to have any sort of sxual experiences with him again. He had to have known his mom was a blabber mouth. What exactly was his end goal? If he can't keep his mouth shut about his relationship, then it sounds like he's not ready for one.

lordlyhawk 31672

The first story seems reasonable

Peter Anon

Last story: Oh look, the ladies of reddit think it's okay to spill stories about known people with your mother. It's not, and is clearly an invasion of privacy that was never discussed with you, nor are you comfortable about. This is as inappropriate as going to his work and discussing the things you didn't like with his coworkers.

JF 3

I feel sorry for the husband in the middle story. Imagine being married to a woman who's in love with another man. It looks like she just married him on a whim or for money reasons.

Adriana Tomic least he is safe when he cheats...No other man buys condoms for other people...condoms and pads/tampons ...everyone has different taste ..size preferences. It is not a thing to buy this things for others, they are not that cheap and can be used only for limited time, can not be use in years. I think 3 years or 2 or an year before it expires ...never use expired ones..look at dates. That said...yeah I would not believe him. He is an asshole but not idiotic asshole, he is safe asshole
Last story - I am close with my parents, they never knew the details.. Sure they know if I have a boyfriend I have sex. But having details nope. And different people like different stuff in bad. His mom is right that they should try different positon and be more adventurous in bed. True ..that mom and parents will give better advice than friends. More experiences. Friends know even less than you XD

lordlyhawk 31672

I love how they put doubts in her head

Litt Whitt

Last story: what he did is quite normal the mother shouldn't have said anything to OP but its normal to go to friends and family for advice on things we haven't experienced before. Both of you are virgins so if he needed advice or help he can't come to you and his only options are his parents his friends and internet strangers