What do girls find attractive


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Here's a video for all the guys they wish they had seen before and a few things they wish they had known!

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Nisha Gailakoti

Goood one babe and you look so prettty ????

Ranbir Singh

What....that was really weird?...

Kunal Sharma

Scar, moles....... ??seriously

Jatin Durga

Watch in 1.5x, thank me later

Lucky vignesh

You look cute ?

Priya Prasad

Lovely video dear❤️??

mash gasem

5- Buying personal care products (eg. tampon) for girlfriend... 4- Stretch/scar marks, moles...  3- Clean hands, fingers/toes, nails... 2- Sleepy voice... 1- Ruffling through hair... ... .....

Shubham Procha

Great video mahi ???

Profighter49 YT

is it just me or did i get this by searching teen x

Furyy Night

Lovely Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried - Mackorny Tennis Play Blueprint (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good one off guide for working out how to make women lust after you without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy after many years got excellent success with it.

Charu Garg

Very valuable info n very important.....
Thanks ??????

satyam tiwari

Gareeb logo mei ye sab nahi hota. Rich people really think too much


Why youtube recommend this to mr? ??

Jyoti Patel

Good observation ?

Eyez Lazy

Dude the thing is one needs to have a circle in which it consists of girls and boys both ????? I am so surprised to see that I can relate to what u said and I have never been into a group like that it's always been me and the gang??????and how sure can u be if I approach a girl she won't kick my ass off cause i have never been around girls that much ?????

vikas gupta


Srishti Pathak

Relatable enough and you look so glowy?

Utkarsh Gupta

Where are you from?

Aditi Singh

Sleepy voice ahaha yes?

Anoop Kumar

So Cute ?

Meghan Smith

Stunning ???, lets walk and hold hands hahaha Sorry im weird....Meow

simran kaur


Anup kumar Prasad

?Great videos Mahi ✨

Akshita Upadhyay

Good one! ?

Arpit Singh

And I thought you are mature ?


hey everyone! hope you all are doing well! if you're new to my channel please don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell-icon so that you get notified whenever i upload a new video!

Vanshika Sodhi

My favourite ?

Anup kumar Prasad

Nice video Mahi


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5 Things Girls ACTUALLY Care About | THIS IS What They Find Attractive

5 Things Girls ACTUALLY Care About | THIS IS What They Find Attractive3 Apr. 2019
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Gr8 way merch promo spons gets mentioned, just boink another dude~

Lokesh jaiswal

Girls that actually notice ____money .

Terry Joe

Jose is the thumbnail also true? ?

Hydra 24/7

I love this man he’s great keep it up bro ?

Andrew Adams

"Shows you are the alpha." That's what alpha m is for ?

Joel Hewittt

This guy talking about being alpha when he’s not

J. Baker

Dude!!! My wife asks me to choose her nail polish color EVERY WEEK!

Honestly... it ain’t a big deal one way or the other to me, but I can tell it’s important to her, so I ask her all kinds of questions about the colors before I end up choosing one...

Hydra 24/7

This guy has already made me look better and I’m trying to have better attitude.

Thank you

League Moments

The thumbnail...

Juan Christian Altamira Bruno

Man my grandpa told me that back then the guy could be ugly but the girl could be hot but now there hoes

Oliver Alex

Already I have to wait for 5 secs to skip an advertisement...pls start a separate YouTube channel for your ads....?

mohammed naumaan

Clickbait level: extreme !!!

Tanjidul Topu

You are doing a Fantastic Job ♥
Best wishes from Bangladesh.


Who clicked cause thumbnail? lol

T Tizzy

Do a video on best skin care products for acne

Fatuma Shidane

Hello are you muslim

John Christian Pandac

Jose why did you not wearing over size t-shirt. It looks great also

Zellweger Rodrigues

Work in silence let your success make the noise

Any Thing

Best round brush under $3


big boner

Spicy Chainz

Theres diffrent type of girls. Your lying to us but i like the concept of video ?


But honestly money brings happiness . I stress every day on petty shit because I made bad decisions and can’t make a lot more money no girl wants to be with a broke guy even if he’s funny or outgoing

Jace Chang

jose do a video on what shorts are stylish

Nathaniel Barrett

I do all this but I'm still single

Raghavendra Sureban

That clip is from which movie ?

Gilberto Espinosa

4:10 to 4:15 only Mexicans will get it????

Marlon Hosten

It amazes me how these guys just say the same thing every week, but remain relevant. 5 things, 6 things, 7 things ............

Eddie Roy

haircuts for receding hairlines

EvoEvan Nismo

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for these ideas José.

Daniel San

Beta males punching the air rn

JackyPOI- MobileGamer


The Sniper

Was the thumbnail clickbait or am i retarded...

Hugo O'Brien

Um no Jose you're wrong. The walking dead - Alpha wanted a Beta

Alex Tai

@2:30 Got too intense it slipped beep

Khashayar Orumchi

Using words like alpha and beta is so stupid

Max Romo

hey jose can u plz do a video on good jobs for teens

Gazmend Fejzullahu

You forget to mention Penis

Ayush tiwari

Content ??
Love from Nepal❤

Theodore Cruz

? jose do women enjoy boners or think creepy men enjoy boners more conspicuously but think gay or weird if challenge by peers on it ?♠

Katragadda Rahul

All hail Jose Zuniga


But do you use tiege Hanley.

dhananjay tiwari

Hyy Bro...I couldn't understand your english like quick silver

Ratnesh Jha

advertisement start at 2:03 and ends at 3:30

John Campiti

Lol in the first tip Jose showed a picture of Dr. Mike


i loved it when he said "you dont have the HUEVOS" wich means eggs or in slang the balls to do it.
im mexican

2921 raghav soni

Next video how to apply deo and cent please


Is having Google drive good enough?

Sebastian Nava

Ad finishes at 3:31 you're welcome!

Rahul Mahesh

With out you I am done

Uddeshya Makwana

Would you ever visit india?? Love from india ??

The Dragon

this video is bs and half of it advertising dollar shave club

Gurinder Lotey

that one was real good

Lionel Max

And i got friend zoned

Juan Christian Altamira Bruno

True I don't have huevos to go up to a girl I see one I run faster than road runner

Zebb Lgatt

Looking Sharp in that Hanley ? thx for the tips

Fred Yuen

why does the thumbnail show you having a boner?

Jithin Shabu

1:04 Alpha M.

Jonathan de oquiñena

5 minute ad dollar shave club

Dio Brando

simple tip
1.take care of urself
2.take girlfriend
3.spend time on that girlfriend
4.u don't need much things u just have to take care of ur woman not u..

Nadir Alallaoui

The last thing is how to get in the friendzone

venkatesh gawas

I got my girl bcoz of this guy??? follow his advice guys

Antho 973

Would you like to add French translations please because I love your videos but I would like to understand better


loveliveserve sponsor


Why does dollar Shave club only ship in US and not to EU


Jose is that type of zuniga who laughs at the comments that talk about his adds
Ambitious and honest af?

Kvng Kia

It’s 2019 the average girl is shallow ???‍♂️

Jr Sales

I want to buy all the products you advertise esp. The necklace, but im in philippines the shippinh is expensive?

Sandeep 2468

Which is your country and continent bro

Always Awesome

Not cool

Soorya Dev

Mens channel and always talk about girls??


Yeah women absolutely notice those things and i hope yall will notice my first ever song i made?? please support me. It helps me a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVl0Hc-PCqM ?IM WASTED? {FREE Sad NF Type Beat / Changes (Prod. Jurrivh x Syndrome) Love yall <3 Especially i love your fuckingg videos Jose Zuniga <3 <3 ??? Watched most of them tho ?

Noel Ramirez

Este video en tu canal en español por favor


Change background, invest in better camera and also make more mature thumbnails. Good content btw.

harold altagracia

He promotes dollarshave club until 3:32 you're welcome.

Rainbow Gang

I just downloaded Apex Legends

ThecraZy-RD Medina

Boys got no guevos????????


Ya all know what ends on 3.31

Sp Pandey

hypocritttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt video

Altaf Hussain Bosaal

Sorry to say, you’ve turned into Saleman.

Jon W

No girl wants a beta. Well I’m pretty sure betas do breed otherwise there wouldn’t be any around. Not everyone can be an alpha; if they were, then being an alpha wouldn’t mean anything.

Julian Cumps

Yo i just notices how his ears stick way out

harsh gor

Only one think: just listen what your mother is saying

Enhanced Hypertrophy

4:10 The Huevos

morris andika

This is because I love watching your videos,thanks for your wisdom


A girl I’m talking to said I’m too emotional for her. Lmao

Sanjaya Gurung

That thumbnail lol?


You forgot the most important one the money ?

Sam 95946

i want to clean bathrooms for a job. any girls want me



Smartymeeks Pena

Your my dad

No homo

Zain Javadd Malik

Inaaway moko?
Bkait ka galet?

Mike New

3:32 ad ends

rosti rosti

You got a great channel, but you should shave off your "beard". I'm sure women do not like patchy beards and honestly you looked a bit better with a shaved face. Nonetheless, good video's some young guys can learn a lot from you, besides the adverts you are bombing them with.

Diego Mata

Have Huevos!

Messi Marvin

Bro I'd love to get the products you recommend but am in the UK. The shipping is just too high.

luvy 0x

Jose i think that you should stop talking english with a lot of vocabulary ,it will be better if add some french translation to it i will be understand better

Jordan Leach

Movie reference at 4:40?


Damn Jose u packing bro good for u ??

Miguel Narvaez

Where’s the video with Jen Selter?

Geody Booysen

Does this shave thing come to SA