Spanked for pleasure

Lisa gets spanked

Lisa gets spanked14 Jul. 2020
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Abhi Vyas 151

They surely had sex after podcast

Tickling Cosquillas


Ray Mack

I'm sure that Howard gave her a proper spanking later. At least I hope that he did. She looked excited and horny when she told him what she wants.

Boo Kocky

That girl is the perfect weight, Howard is attracted to boy bodies

The Janus Punishment Book. Spanking For Pleasure.

The Janus Punishment Book. Spanking For Pleasure.14 Nov. 2020
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Jamie Goddard

Ariel is perfection

Tim Holt

I love your videos

Van Halen - Spanked

Van Halen - Spanked16 Aug. 2010
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Song - Spanked


Song - Spanked

Album - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Year - 1991

Artist - Van Halen

Guitar - Eddie Van Halen

Keyboards - Eddie Van Halen

Drums - Alex Van Halen

Bass - Michael Anthony

Vocals - Sammy Hagar

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1800- spank me lol

DJ Nurse Anna B



I tried to call 1900 Spanked today and sadly nothing

Jason Downs

I forgot how good this album was. Vh was my older brothers favorite band. Kiss was mine, I was 10. I'd fight with him night and day about kissbeing better. But now that I'm older, vH is clearly way better. I was stupid.

Bud Lee

ed should make dlr cover this on their next album

Andreas Scholz

groovy very very good! Holy Shit :-)


nice undestimated song, even if pretty slow


funkiest VH

Hayden Miller


runningman john

The bass tune is awesome. I think it goes with some kind of "chorus" efect, sounds different.

beggersbanquet 5150

Love that line. Got to have it quick

Valentin Farias

mind blowing. this is a true piece of classic rock and roll.

jon elsea

Know why people dont cover many Van Halen songs. They Can't......................

Jack Straw

Drums sound so fuckin good on this album



Silly Goose

bill o'reilly's favorite song

kimberly longman

If Dino doesn't want me to talk about it he needs to keep is so called girlfriend out of my house

EM Schmirko

Wow! Epic³!!


I agree with your point but I think this album had moments. I'm looking for that 'edge' but finding over-produced fluff. I had this album on vinyl but it was far from their best. I understand people like Sammy but I never warmed to him. I'm more of a Fair Warning/Diver Down/1984 man...Apart from Eddie's work, this could just as easily be 'Europe' to me.


Love the bounce to the song.


All you bad bad boys!!!


This song is way too fucking good for it's lyrics

Slaughterhouse Cartoons

Power song

Valentin Farias

Songs like this make me forget about DLR. You stupid fanatics. Enjoy the music.

discos Kaddouri Ivann

I have this album in Vinyl  :D

Blair Pico

Awesome Van Hagar track

Billy Faulkner

This my favorite Van Halen to.... I'll Wait off of the 1984 album ...that was the best year of my life...i had just graduated from high school and heading to college and I saw VH that summer and one of the greatest concerts of my life....and for unlawful carnal knowledge album was when my business was thriving and life was great and exciting....Van Halen has the theme songs to parts of my life...


I'm all feed up, watchin' tv
Some place to feast my eyes, oh
I always drift on commercials, yeah yeah
This one blew my mind, oh
Hey, tell me who you're gonna call, when you need that affection
You got to have it quick (got to have it quick)
There just ain't no love line in her direction, oh
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, ah yeah
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, uh, whoa, aw
Three dollars, first minute, gosh, man, after that, it cost ya four
And she'll be up for negotiations, if you call back for more
Now who you're gonna call when you need that special (special) little something
You can say what you like, it's all confidential, oh
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, huh
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, whoa


All you bad bad boys - with your mind blown
All you bad bad boys - got one man horny, spanked
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, ah, hey
All you bad bad boys - call her up on the spank line, uh
All you bad bad boys - yeah, it's a spank line, ha ha ha ha
All you bad bad boys - just call her up, call her up
One man horny, spanked
All you bad bad boys - one man horny, spanked, bad bad bad boys
All you bad bad boys - just call her up, it's a spank line

Daniel alves silva

ahahahahaha é o melhor sound do mundo !!!


What other songs would mix well with this tune and have similar dynamics? The mix of the clean strumming and that thick riff with just the right amount of distortion on the low strings during the verse is gold and that intro is so well executed.

Ralph Kemler Kemler.

One of the funniest song's ever written!

50 /50

So nasty....

thomas a. tucker

Kick -ass good song

Xy Abc

all confidential




Ed on baritone...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pretty sure Eddie played bass on this song. Love the bass on this song


Imagine if the guitar sounded heavy like on Balance

mark vernon

eddie wrote bass tracks for almost all van halens music

CJ Sickmeier

Eddie played a 6 string hollow body bass on this. And the drums sound great excluding the kick. Andy Johns wouldn't know a good kick drum sound if it punched him in the face.

Simon Hunter

Spanked when munching poundcake haha

Connor Ferguson

Alex is so nasty on this it's great

Billy Faulkner

May the Rock Guitar hero rest in the arms of Jesus with perfect peace for all of eternity.....EVH

Masked Jackal

Love the sound from the baritone that Eddie got on this one.

David Oglesby

great Hagar era tune.....heavy as fuck


I loved this shit when I was in 7th grade. Lol 1990 first cd I ever bought

Alex Patrick

Every album this era of Van Halen put out went number 1...enough said

John Cabrera

Where's the edge? This is hardly listenable. Except for Eddies guitar of course. sigh......

david Schmid

C'est la monstre tuerie une distorsion d'enfer pour moi c'est le plus grand morceau de Hard-Rock de tous les temps du grand Eddie Van Halen.

Michele Manocchio