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"A lot of LUBE" You Got Game - How to Pick up a Girl Online (Call of duty)

"A lot of LUBE" You Got Game - How to Pick up a Girl Online (Call of duty)20 Sep. 2014
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You Got Game is BAD or

You Got Game is BAD or FUNNY pick up lines that people say to me or that I say. HIT that LIKE button if you enjoyed! Let me know which pick up line was your favorite in the video in the comments!

Holy Duck Fudge's Channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/holyduckfudge


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Comments (100)

You horny? Use a la la lube!


Hey I'm the person or gamer tag on Xbox that is gamerboy12231 can you plz respond to me heart OK :) read it plz


lmao you still not at 1 m subs 


Dang, this video is funny as hell ! Nice job Jamie ! ??

Kyle Jeske

I like your video they ate funny and u are cute


la la lube made me piss my pants

Matt Durigon

Jamie do u have a PSN? If so hit me up Ninjaexpress22 with a friend request?? if not?


I wish I could get in a game with u

Roy is Confused

That little kid at 2:30 was pretty smooth lol



Team_ Innuendo133

@Ms HeartAttack u should play Ps3 too I would love to be apart of your videos the Playstation world needs you its so boring without you

Chris Element

Imagine when she is off camera and these guys are wanting to suck snickers out of her ass

Ms HeartAttack

a La La Lube!


I love these videos these guys so thirsty! And you play right along sometimes keeping the pick up lines coming lol.


I was in a lobby with her before and it was great listening to 7 guys talk about how hot or ugly she was x) 

Mike Padilla

Shes two funny for fuck sake

Eros Picone

I'm 11 what's with the strap on shit cuz I mean it doesn't bother anyone I don't think but you always mension it

its wavs

Wow cant belive I was in apexs video and yours my names breach dextr by the way


On a binge right, Your channels Awesome.


What a jackass ?


these guys give men a bad name XD


Just saying MsHeartAttack has a beautiful voice

Hollow Bagel

Lol that ending though La la lube XD




Lol When I was watching the strap on Part I was like I swear Ms Heartattack say baby gurl Imma get Copyright -.-


Where you get all the my little pony pics?


Haha nice video msheartattack


not trying to be techincally speaking but it's "BR-UHH" not "BRA"@3:22 just saying..

HxesLuvGreens 2k

Huh oh my god that's freaking weird

Jordan Francique

I kinda feel sorry for girl gamers when this kinda stuff

Danny D

Some how I tend to forget just how creepy people are online. Won't make that mistake again.

Nick V

People are fucking weird... im a guy but that shits creepy.

Jose Indio

MS HeartAttack I finalygot the cofidence to say this im only 12 and I realy like you alot I have been there since the beging keep up the great work I heart you. Im a dude

Avenging gamer

You are the best I have watched most of your videos


WTF IS THE MATTER WITH PEOPLE? They are disgusting!

cameron savage

the snickers comment was so fucked up but i somehow almost cried laughing

MrDJKAAZ Robinson

Yo, When the lil horses pop up its even funnier 


Love you


lol these vids are hilarious idk how this didn't show up in my sub box _ 

Miguel Ramos

I don't get it why but every time when Jamie shows a pic on twitter I get long if u know what I mean (lol) ^_^

Onesik Corollajr

Ms heartattack when is the next time u r going to do a would u rather



Shadow Hobbit

I will have you know that I am not creepy.
P.S I'm not the one in the video, my name just happens to be Ian


Does Youtubale get mad??? Or does he think it's funny, p.s you both are funny as hell :D

cody smith

Ecery time I watch one of these I end up on the floor laughing hard as hell and my roomate looks at me like wtf is wrong with you?


Lmao I can never find people like this only everyone I get in lobbys with cries and complains


?? i died when the guy was like "i would suck a snickers bar out of your ass.' Then the voice of the game was like "winning" right after he said that.??

CHELLO ________

People are mean.


you got that ig lol

Anon Anon

Do some scary games with your fiancé :D, I feel like the reactions and jump scares would be funny


Why trying to look hot in all the thumbnails


Hey I'm the person or gamer tag on Xbox that is gamerboy12231 can you plz respond to me heart OK :) read it plz


Ala la lube hahahaah nice again MS!

Drake Ladner

Girl you got a phone in yo back pocket cause dat ass is calling me

Christian Young

A la la lube!


Play Garry's Mod


Normal life of a female on ps3 or xbox lol

its wavs

Wow cant belive I was in apexs video and yours my names breach dextr by the way

Martin Sefton

Good vid miss heartattack it cracked me up, your voice is so sexy. Keep up the good work :)

robert steadman

Omg I was just playing gta5 with u like 30 min ago I'm frost161718 the one doing the hurbert voice

Christopher Teran

OMG :O she was actually holding KY body lubricant. ;O


"its her voice that gives me orgasms" WTF ahahhahahha!!!!

Noir Zero

If it's called mistletoe, can I kiss yo toes?

Ms HeartAttack

Which pick up line was your favorite? COMMENT 

Pickle Rick

I have my own pickup lines you would fall for

Elite Dreams

What is wrong with people sometimes..Anyways nice video Ms HeartAttack.

Daymien Umlah

Do u have a ps3


"I don't blame you.  Snickers are amazing." - That was awesome!

Brink _741

3:13 " omg she giving these orgasms........WHAT THE FUC*" XD XD XD XD XD XD i can't stop laughing XD XD XD XD XD

arshdeep singh

Are you really 400 pounds msheartattack?

AmyRoseGaming ll Gameplays

It's funny though, I've run across a lot more weird people on xbox than ps3 :P

aleashia litowski

The lick the skitter bar licking out of ur but lol

Nozy TM



After a good bunch of vid from her, I noticed a lot of men are into anal thing. I'm kinda... I don't know what to think about that as a man.



ChayLion LoL

jamie um I was in a lobby and trying to say hey but the you were like omfg there is so many squekers lets back out

Matt Durigon

420 pounds is more like 42 pounds ?? Just tryin to be nice Love the vids Keep going strong???????

jamal yusuf

a la la lube


She be lickin the controller and shit

Elijah Beaumont

GV Good Videos Keep It Up Ms HeartAttack Your The Best

Tend R

Orgasm TF


3:17 omg xd haha


la la lube haha omg I losing it!

Team_ Innuendo133

@Ms HeartAttack u should play Ps3 too I would love to be apart of your videos the Playstation world needs you its so boring without you


This video was probably my favorite one! I love you msheartattack! xoxo


you and anthony should make a joined youtube account man

Travis Peasley

Aye girl you beutiful

Okami Tsume

la la lube


Man I just would stop using a mic if I had to deal with that shit all day

You play it off well at least

Malcolm Turner

I swear the things people say on this is ridiculously crazy

Jose Indio

A LaLa Lube

Joshua Snowling

3:14 WTF did he just say I I I am speechless, but can't stop laughing 

ReklezZz 903

Why the fuck am I just finding this channel?! Lol she is my new favorite YouTuber

Tre Moten


Cindy Rogers

lol twilight from mlp <3 then pinkie pie and rarity XD those faces tho 0.0 that little kid is the best XD ;like wtf


Jamie's line about the bed was the best

It's Classified

okay so I'm not the only one who completely lies bout my weight when they ask... I love her reactions to what they say


Kid: oh my god it's her voice that give me these orgasms
Random dude: WHAT THE FUCK?!
MsHeartAttack: yo. Bruh. BRUH!
xD those reactions tho


Xbox players are more thirsty than ps3 players for sure


I have never in my life i mean 2 years of gaming on Xbox 360,Ps3,Ps4 and PC met a girl gamer. Theres no girls around Oceania server. Im not saying im desprate, im just saying theres not alot of Kiwis and Australian Girl gamers. We boys just chase em out. We creep the fuck out of them, now i think they play COD on wii.

Gettin' my $$ worth. Fat Bike World Champs | Pinedale, WY Edition

Gettin' my $$ worth. Fat Bike World Champs | Pinedale, WY Edition30 Jan. 2021
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What a blast! Fat Bike

What a blast! Fat Bike Worlds in Pinedale, Wyoming did not disappoint! It was a weekend filled with riding fat bikes on perfectly groomed snow, tasty beer, ice bars, teepees, cornhole, and all that kinda jazz. Good times with family and good friends. Enjoy! #skydio #skydiofeaturedflyer #fatbikeworlds

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Comments (28)
Adventures With Daniel

Did I catch a glimpse of a new ram trx?

Mike Chajecki

Dude, this is awesome! We need this here in Ontario, Canada. Great video!

Bridgette Cavelti

Great video! Thanks for sharing! Congrats to you, Hunter, & dad!

Mac Daddy

Nicely done and congratulations on all the placing!


What brand hand warmers are you using?


Love it so good . Such a great time hanging!

Richard Jacoby

Yet another Magical video. Looked like Lots of Fun was had by all! :)

Elevation Every Weekend

Looks like it was a good event! I had an Airbnb locked down for this but decided to cancel a couple weeks out because of “world events” and not knowing what to expect. Glad it was fun!

Dan Mitchell

Luv to see all the FAT fun! Ur doing the right thing with ur daughters. Keep building the bridge and sharing what u love with them. They love bikes for now, because they love time with you?

dale jacobson

Watching this again

Johnny Two Dollars

Congrats to you and Kasey! Awesome trip/report. Goals... hopefully will tag along in 2022

Schwan Hardi

Great work gents - looks fantastic!

Stephen Krcmar

Congrats to Casey. And congrats to you, buddy, on a super fun video as well as placing. In these times when travel is challenging, it's great to go along for the ride with you! Thanks for making it.

Jayson Bryant

Great video, great event, great community. What a time to be alive. Great to see your kids having fun too.

Beatriz Ferreira

This video is so instructive. I have been trying to research for a knowledgable YouTube video that really educates the topics in this YouTube video! ?Your tip for sure is similar to the channel from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's tips are for sure useful and I really learned a lot for wellness! He is an insightful Dr in Europe and he talks about vitamins.

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dale jacobson

Brave souls ! You're right it looks very serine good for the soul. Super good video your a great speaker and a super dad ! Thanks for sharing

Julio Mateo

Awesome video!! Dang I missed that ride....Glad you did the trip. Looked like an awesome weekend!!

Stephen Williams

I am not jealous I am not jealous I am not jealous ,OK I lied Chapeau.

Jeffery Selin

Congrats to KC/Casey! Very cool video family time is a must. SISU!

Mike Mazzantini

Great videos. One of the channels that I could pretty much give a thumbs up before watching the video.

Some Time RVing

Loved seeing the family rolling together. Daughter time in important, I miss those days. Also seeing KC looked fun, have not met Hunter, but looking forward to that someday.

Adventures With Daniel

Frigging awesome, Great adventure and congrats on the raffle wins!!

Lee Kinder

Hey I know those fellas! Enjoyed the video and smiles...excellent.


Cool vid! Such a good feeling to watch people having fun and doing normal things like we all used to do before... thanks for spreading your happiness that way. Not many of us have the chance to hang at a bar and have beers with friends anymore. The nostalgia of those days hurt pretty bad over here.


Can I bring the pup with me and my fatbike on any of these trails?

Wade Bradley

Great video, congrats on your placing.
Looks like it was a good time.

Scott Sugimoto

Love how you ensure to make so much time for family

Marcin Sykut

cool event . what was the temp ?

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Tasty Lube Sampler Pack8 Aug. 2018
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The Tasty Lube Sampler

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